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Digital Insurance Trends

With fraud on the rise in the insurance industry, KYC comes to the rescue

24 Nov 2020

Fraud and financial crimes perpetrated against insurers are on the rise. Although the banking industry remains the primary route for money laundering, stricter regulations and improved AML controls within that sector have driven criminals to other channels that may be more vulnerable to money laundering activities. Insurance providers, often less ...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Best practices for a successful KYC remediation project

09 Nov 2020

In the past two years regulators in some jurisdictions (most notably the Nordics, UK and the Netherlands) have started to increasingly focus on the quality and completeness of existing client records—including documentation of risk assessment. One of the greatest challenges with these situations is that they create overnight urgency to act. Once th...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Customer onboarding and KYC processes at traditional banks lag consumer expectations

27 Oct 2020

It’s no secret that the world has moved online at an accelerating pace over the past few months, as digital processes and interactions have rapidly displaced manual ones in every industry, including banking. According to Deloitte, “Even customers who were reluctant to adopt digital interactions have done so out of necessity, gaining some level of ...