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Embedded Finance: What it is and What it Means for the Fintech Industry

13 Oct 2020

The fintech industry is always evolving. But one development in particular is generating significant buzz and market-wide revenue predictions to the tune of over $7 trillion in just 10 years. That development is embedded finance, and every fintech enterprise or company needs to know what this is and how it may affect the industry at large sooner r...

Futuristic Banking

How Fintech Companies Are Dealing with New Data Security Challenges

30 Sep 2020

The lockdowns and the dread of going to crowded places have taken a toll on most of us, but not fintech companies. Europe, for example, has witnessed a 72% boost in fintech use. However, such a blessing can come with unwanted curses - the biggest one being new security challenges. The COVID-19 era is a complicated one, and not all of its problems ...


When Will the Self-Driving Wallet Arrive?

23 Sep 2020

There probably isn’t a living person who understands the banking and monetary system and most of us don’t even get the basics of money right. Don’t take my word for it - about 69% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and we need to change that before we can evolve as a society. This might be a pressing issue but the established institutio...