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Charlie Henderson

Charlie Henderson

Co-Ceo & Founder at FeedStock
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Bio Co-CEO and co-Founder of FeedStock, bringing extensive experience from the sell-side into FeedStock strategy and products, ensuring the company is uniquely geared towards the end user. Charlie leads on FeedStock strategy and product design, working closely with customers and prospective clients so that they can derive value from their unstructured data no matter what their IT environment. Career History Prior to FeedStock, Charlie worked within the sell-side, as a corporate broker for Cenkos Securities, before founding his first venture as well as working in business development for fully automated oil platforms.


Capital Markets Technology

What does a successful enterprise cloud solution look like?

27 Aug 2020

Ten years ago, when cloud-native apps started appearing, the on-prem versus cloud discussion was a legitimate debate. Now, the new question is: which cloud technology will best serve the purposes of your business? How can enterprises hedge the risk of becoming dependent on one cloud provider? The cloud journey so far A decade ago when cloud techno...

Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Getting the data right for crucial business decision making and improved productivity

05 Aug 2020

Data-literacy, describing an enterprise’s ability to read, write and communicate data in context, is becoming an explicit and necessary driver of business value, demonstrated by its increasingly vital inclusion in data and analytics strategies in financial services. People don’t make the right data choices Proficient data-literacy is only realist...

Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Business resiliency- use AI to move from survive to thrive

01 Jul 2020

Organisations need to focus on managing and reducing costs in a crisis, whilst simultaneously ensuring there is available scope to perform over the longer term. It is essential to have a strong focus on productivity and to create the ability to pivot to new opportunities as the economic landscape continuously changes, as we emerge out of the COVID...