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Payments in 2021 and beyond: more effective payments security is software-based

18 Mar 2021

As a quick recap, in my last article I talked about the brilliance of using software to turn mobile devices like smartphones and tablets into payment terminals. There’s a myriad of benefits that positively impact everyone in the payments ecosystem, from card schemes to banks, PSPs, merchants and the consumer. One of the most critical benefits of...


Payments in 2021 and beyond: Innovating in the new normal and why you should care about security

23 Feb 2021

A quick Google search on the global payments landscape will serve up a myriad of articles ranging from how Covid has accelerated the adoption of contactless and the rise of digital technologies, but also how financial crime is on the rise. Visa’s recent ‘Back to business study’ notes that the number one area of tech investment in 2021 will be in pa...


Software-based payment solutions will enter a boom, but a lack of security could tarnish the sector

10 Feb 2021

Digital commerce will increase, and so will fraud In 2020 we saw many firsts, which affected every person on the planet. ‘Lockdown’ became part of our everyday language and as we acclimatised to being home and not having access to brick-and-mortar stores, we looked for alternative channels to source the things we need. Almost as soon as we went in...



Digital Transformation is an essential survival tool, especially in a COVID world

19 Jan 2021

Delivery of intuitive, secure, personalised, and frictionless user experiences has long been table stakes in digital commerce, well before the era of COVID-19. As businesses harness the revolutionary power of digital technologies, they have pursued large-scale change to adapt to evolving consumer preferences (some more successfully than others, bu...