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Trends in Financial Services

Cybersecurity: The next frontier for investors?

22 Sep 2020

IHS Markit interviewed industry leaders and investors, including Akamai, Clango, Full Frame Technology and Ibex Investors who all agreed that the cybersecurity is an increasingly important, high growth industry. The free 20-page White Paper with charts, financial metrics and full interview transcripts is available at

Trends in Financial Services

VCs response to the Coronavirus threat

09 Apr 2020

This article focuses on VCs and their action patterns during economic slowdowns / recessions including actions taken to shield their investments, especially the most promising start-ups in their portfolios. Promising start-ups are defined as those able to offer something new or something unique that has a potential to change how our lives evolve. E...

5G Payments Schemes and Strategies 2020 - 2035

Who benefits from 5G?

06 Apr 2020

According to a Google search: “5G will support billions of connections” and “5G will have a tremendous effect on economy” and “5G solves problems we haven’t yet encountered”. In isolation, it almost sounds like 5G is a wizard that will solve all the problems of this world and perhaps even issues beyond our Earth. I’m not that optimistic, but after...

Fintech innovation and startups

Digital Transformation Priorities

27 Mar 2020

Cloud based services are considered to be an enabler for many other transformative technologies. IHS Markit survey respondents agreed that beyond storage and simple computing, modern business requires that companies have access to value-added tools built as easy to plug in APIs. Almost 40% of the 200 companies that took part in our research named ...