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Bigger than Technology

The state of the global export market. Barriers and opportunities for local business going global

26 Nov 2019

Global trade is an ever-shifting sea. The waves of growth go up and down, but one thing remains certain: both barriers and opportunities are always present. Global trade tensions have been rising since 2018, and with tariffs on some widespread goods having a comeback in the last couple of years, international export/import activities face some chal...

Bigger than Technology

Boosting your exports as a local business: overcoming trade barriers via technology

30 Oct 2019

The modern business world is fast-paced. Which isn’t inherently bad, it means it’s dynamic and full of opportunities. But speed often leads companies to focus on instruments at the micro-level or simply favor only ultra-modern tools and paradigms. Slower-burning, more traditional considerations are often ignored or undervalued by local businesses, ...