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Alex Golbin

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Global Head of Assessment Services at IHS Markit
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Bio I lead the firm's Vendor Risk Assessment utility for Know Your Third Party (KY3P), helping banks improve risk posture, meet evolving regulatory requirements and reduce cost. Career History Prior to joining IHS Markit, I had been at BNY Mellon since 1998, most recently holding the title of global head of technology third party governance, and was responsible for an array of IT functions, including cost optimization, quality assurance, process improvement and risk mitigation.



Are your low-risk vendors really low risk?

26 Oct 2020

With over half of overall enterprise risks coming from a vendor portfolio, it's no wonder that vendor risk management is entering the spotlight in corporate board rooms. With data breaches, ransomware attacks and supply chain disruptions now the norm, there is an increased interest in finding those high-risk vendors in the portfolio quickly and acc...


What Chess Can Teach Us About Assessing Vendor Risk

24 Sep 2020

Assessing vendor risk is a key topic for many enterprises, seeking fit for purpose solutions to get the job done. Over 60% of data breaches coming from vendor portfolios combined with mounting regulatory requirements and data privacy fines are all significant imperatives to get it right. Just like aligning chess pieces -- applying the right tools


Vendor Assessments Meet Location Risk

06 Aug 2020

As global supply chains become increasingly complex, it is more important than ever to incorporate location risk into your vendor risk assessment process. From the outset, it is critical to define risk appetite and risk treatment strategy based on location when considering third-party portfolios. Depending on the nature of service, such considerati...

Business Knowledge for IT

Due Diligence 2.O: How Vendor Risk Assessment Will Evolve

02 Dec 2019

Increasing focus on vendor due diligence has put significant pressure on financial institutions and vendors alike. The challenge comes into focus when we think about the macro implications. There are an estimated 20,000 financial services institutions trying to qualify some 20,000 vendors using questionnaires that can have hundreds of questions....