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Innovation in Financial Services

What do AML-BSA-CTF Regulators think of Machine Learning?

25 Jan 2020

Prior to 2018, regulators resisted recommending the use of Machine Learning (ML) based Artificial Intelligence (AI) for AML compliance. There was a mindset shift in mid 2018 indicating that proceeding with caution in implementing AI approaches for AML is appropriate. Regulators realize the adoption of recent innovation, such as the use of AI-ML an...

Banking Regulations

AML-CTF Failures can Kill Banks and Careers

02 Dec 2019

Westpac Bank in Australia is facing one of its gravest crises from systemic AML/CTF failures over a 5-year period that contravened the AML/CTF Act on over 23 million occasions. Heads are rolling at Westpac with resignation of the CEO and the retirement of the Chairman of the board. Expect more disciplinary action down the chain of command as the r...

Banking Regulations

Comparing Rules Engines vs Machine Learning for AML-BSA-CFT

08 Oct 2019

We have been asked to explain the differences between rules-engines and machine learning for anti-money laundering/banking secrecy act applications on numerous occasions. This question typically arises from the compliance team, wanting to better understand the difference between their current process and that used by AI-based, SaaS AML systems. ...

Banking Regulations

What Differentiates modern AML Solutions from Legacy AML?

05 Oct 2019

The Legacy Approach In my prior article, I discussed Rules Engines vs Machine Learning for AML/BSA/CFT compliance. In this article we differentiate legacy AML process from modern a Agile Compliance approach. The legacy AML process consists of on-boarding customers, transaction monitoring and reporting. These processes are hard-wired into the softw...