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Jennifer Worley

Jennifer Worley

SVP Product Management at Meta Payment Systems, a Division of MetaBank
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MetaBank Study Reveals Opportunity to Reimagine ATMs

18 Dec 2020

For today’s consumer, ATM use largely focuses on accessing cash, and that access is still important in the COVID-19 era, according to new MetaBank® research. There’s also an opportunity to reimagine a key industry mainstay — the ATM — as a technologically advanced, interactive teller machine focused on self-service. These are among the key insight...


Contextual Commerce: Paving the Way for Contextual Banking

12 May 2020

When it comes to e-commerce, frictionless has been the name of the game for several years now. The rise of in-app purchases makes it clear — consumers want to stay within the channels they’re in, and they want purchases to be quick, easy and convenient. After all, more than half of consumers have made a purchase directly through a social media pla...


Paying Your Customers Faster Could Yield Business Returns

06 Nov 2019

Last year, $328 billion was transferred via digital, peer-to-peer faster payment options PayPal, Venmo and Zelle. As our culture becomes more on-demand, these payment methods are exploding in popularity. With this trend comes a growing consumer demand to receive payments from businesses more quickly. According to new research, there’s an opportun...

Trends in Financial Services

Faster Payments: A Win-Win for Businesses, Consumers

22 Jul 2019

From social media and ridesharing to Amazon Prime, we know that today’s culture is increasingly “on-demand." This culture has conveniences many of us enjoy, including the ability to immediately queue up a movie on Netflix or get groceries delivered with the click of a button. But, as those on-demand expectations spill into payments, it’s imp...