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Capital Markets Technology

What are the Key Strategies and Tools to help Wealth Management Through the Coronavirus Pandemic?

15 Apr 2020

The wealth management sector is facing unprecedented challenges due to the outbreak of the global pandemic. As the coronavirus spreads, wealth managers’ business continuity plans need to include more of digital tools and strategies. It is precisely in this crisis situation, where remote working, or the practice of working for an extended period ou...



01 Apr 2020

The paradigm shift brought about by coronavirus is forcing the wealth management industry to formulate strategies and come up with better tools and solutions to survive in this crisis. Sustaining investor confidence, client retention and business survival should be the immediate priority for wealth managers in this coronavirus world. While the wor

Trends in Financial Services

Top 3 trends that will influence Wealth Management in 2020.

18 Dec 2019

Wealth management is transforming faster than most professionals realize because the industry’s customer base is changing. Three trends are driving a paradigm shift in wealth management that will become clear in 2020. The most visible trends are the rise of intergenerational wealth, and the growing number of high-net worth women. For example, the

Asia Financial Services

Why Wealth Managers Need Effective Client Onboarding

17 Sep 2019

Many wealth managers are losing money because they do not understand client onboarding. Unfortunately, onboarding done wrong will drive clients away; because the onboarding process begins the moment, a prospect becomes a client. This failure drives clients away because onboarding is the formal process of bringing a customer into a platform. Unfortu...