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Bio I am currently serving as a manager at PwC serving as a subject matter expert on prudential regulations and regulatory reporting requirements for banks and investment firms. Career History I am a former PRA and FCA Senior Supervisor with experience in regulatory change project management oversight, legal entity authorisation and prudential regulations.


Banking Regulations

Countdown to Brexit: What should EEA firms do about their regulatory permissions?

06 Sep 2019

As the countdown to 31 October 2019 can now be measured in weeks, the UK and the EU are hurtling towards a no-deal Brexit. This has implications for inbound passporting EEA firms as the UK Financial Services and Markets Act (FSMA) prohibits firms from carrying out a regulated activity in the UK, or purport to do so, unless they are either an autho...

Banking Regulations

Are UK branches of EU-27 banks ready to become third-country branches?

27 Aug 2019

The UK branches of the EU-27 banks currently benefit from lighter regulatory requirements compared to the third-country branches. However, post-Brexit this distinction will no longer be relevant as all branches will ultimately be subject to the same rules. So, with the increasing odds of a no-deal Brexit, the EU-27 banks operating in the UK as bra...

Banking Regulations

EU Banking Package: is MREL transparency really warranted?

14 Jul 2019

Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD), one of the components of the EU Banking Package, which was published in the Official Journal of the EU on 7 June 2018 will need to be transposed into EU Member State national legislations by 28 December 2020. The key rule introduced under the BRRD is the requirement for the EU banks to meet a minimum r...


EU prudential regime for investment firms - what's the state of play?

08 Jul 2019

The new EU prudential regime for investment firms is expected to be published in the EU Official Journal towards October 2019 and to take effect around mid-2021. The regime introduces a tailored prudential framework for investment firms in the EU, setting new rules and requirements with respect to capital, liquidity and regulatory reporting, as we...