Ujwal Santuka

Ujwal Santuka

Marketing Executive at Lemnisk
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Bio I am a Marketing Executive at lemnisk. Lemnisk is the world's first Customer data platform drives customer engagement and conversions for financial services marketers by orchestrating hyper-personalized experiences.


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

BFSI focused customer segmentation

25 Jul 2019

Customer Segmentation is being increasingly recognized by leading marketers to be a vital component of the financial marketing landscape. Every Financial Services brand has its own unique marketing objectives and needs. With respect to these needs, marketers are focused on capturing customers from specific sectors in the industry. These sectors in...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Consumer Trends For Financial Services in 2019

12 Jul 2019

With the phenomenal growth in innovative fintech tools this year, financial marketers are expected to meet and fulfill every customer need and want. They are increasingly faced with the task of engaging with customers and prospects in more meaningful ways. For optimizing and enriching the customer experience, financial institutions are widely adop...

Innovation in Financial Services


05 Jul 2019

The Financial Services sector has undergone a radical digital transformation in recent times. This change can be attributed to the popularity of services such as digital banking, online trading, and online insurance schemes. Going the digital way has also resulted in the generation of large amounts of digital data. As the industry is highly data-d...

Innovation in Financial Services

Build or Buy a Customer Data Platform: How should Financial Marketers evaluate this?

26 Jun 2019

Marketers in the financial services sector has been seen many a times confused when it comes to build or buy a customer data platform. It is quite difficult for them to evalute the entire process without knowing in-depth information about it. So, lets get dive into the differeneces, pros and cons for buy or build customer data platform Factors to ...