Simon Richards

Simon Richards

Global Managing Director Financial Services at tekVizion
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Bio tekVizion delivers automated solutions for Financial Services Capital Markets Trading Floors. We validate, certify and automate communications and collaboration. Our deep expertise and vendor neutrality make us the most trusted partner in the industry. Career History Simon is a highly experienced business leader in the comms and FS sectors. Prior to joining tekVizion, Simon was CEO of Fonetic, where he led global sales working with some of the world's biggest investment banks.


Unified Communications in Financial Services

How investment banks can respond to the fintech challenge

15 Jul 2019

With the world’s largest institutions facing an existential threat from new fintech challengers, all eyes are on the DevOps team and their in-house lab to drive their own innovation in response. However, burdened with a legacy network and massively complex and interwoven 3rd party systems, banks’ DevOps teams are fighting on two fronts. Whatever...

Unified Communications in Financial Services

How Ops teams can reclaim their weekends

18 Jun 2019

It’s the weekend. The markets are closed and the trading floor has fallen silent. The usual cacophony of voices negotiating complex FICC transactions has moved on, making its way to a nearby bar where they can recount the week’s highs and lows. Only it’s not quite that simple. The trading floor may be quiet, but it’s not deserted. Markets may be ...

Unified Communications in Financial Services

If a trade needs explaining, it needs recording

03 Jun 2019

When Standard Chartered announced in its end of year results that it will include a $900 million provision for penalties relating to investigations into FX trading issues, trading compliance was once again thrust firmly into the spotlight. From electronic chat rooms to email, video calls to phone calls, there has been a constant fight by banking re...

Unified Communications in Financial Services

How many patches are you sitting on?

14 May 2019

You could be forgiven for thinking this should be a rhetorical question – the answer is surely none? However, such is the scale and complexity of managing FICC voice trading systems, with all their interdependencies and interoperability requirements, that the reality is very much the opposite. The story of how IT departments are fighting a constan...