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Director of Digital Transformation UK at Hyland
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Digital Banking Trends

Finance firms can’t allow technology to dictate business strategy

27 Aug 2019

The pace of technology innovation in financial services is putting companies across the sector under pressure both from customers’ expectations and new fintech-focused rivals. The counter-intuitive solution may be to abandon the transformation mentality altogether. There is a real alternative to transformation, and it’s been dubbed digital optimi...

Financial Services Regulation

Technology can turn the burden of regulation and red tape into a tool for good management

23 Aug 2016

Regulators' increased focus on consumer transactions has pushed compliance and risk management to the heart of the financial sector, and many organisations are struggling under the administrative burden this imposes. Banks and insurers need to store vast amounts of data recording their transactions and this demand has filtered through to third-par...


Digital innovation offers rewards, but firms must consider risk and regulation

11 Dec 2015

The challenge posed by new technology-focused institutions, aiming to capture market share from existing players, is forcing the entire sector to innovate, with significant advantages in terms of both costs and customer relations available for those that get it right. But with the global financial sector also in the grip of tightening regulatory ...


Insurers can put trust in their customer relationship with smooth digital interaction

14 Aug 2015

The insurance industry has always had an estranged relationship with its customers, but most firms have come round to the fact that they need to be totally customer focused if they want them to stay. However, it's not just companies' service manner that needs to be reconstructed – customers expect an increasing variety of communications methods an...