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Bio Pooja Khanna is a Marketing And Training Manager at Sedate Technologies specialized in developing fully responsive themes and websites. She has a passion for WordPress and user interface design and enjoys working with a variety of entrepreneur and small business all over the world.



The Auto Finance Industry might be the Next Big Thing in Fintech

14 Oct 2019

Fintech has a number of goals. Make things faster, cheaper and easier for customers and organizations. Fintech holds the promise of dramatically lowering operational costs and the barriers to entry for new players. Analysts have expected Fintech to revolutionize legacy-dominated financial services and open up new fields. And the auto finance indus...

Financial Inclusion

Fintech is Set to Transform the Role of Future Accountants

04 Oct 2019

The role of accountants is changing by the minute, and the field is rapidly shedding away it’s old, demeure, and cautious face. New technologies are making the job of accountants easier, but could also disrupt the industry in ways they couldn’t imagine. Things like open banking, cryptocurrencies, automation, and artificial intelligence could all o...


Blockchain Observations

Factors that are Blocking Cryptocurrency’s Mass Adoption

02 Oct 2019

For us who have been observing crypto for a while, its stagnation as a marginal asset can get frustrating, and quite frankly, incomprehensible. The world is already moving towards a mobile, paperless and cashless society and crypto seems to be the perfect medium for this transition. People have mounting concerns about the world’s economic and soci...

Innovation in Financial Services

This is What the Future of Financial Applications Looks Like

30 Sep 2019

The world now has over 2 billion active smartphone users and a grand total of over 25 millions apps have been downloaded to date. This makes mobile app development one of the most important and fastest growing sectors in technology. No financial institution worth its salt can operate without a solid mobile strategy.Everything around us is governed ...