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Product Head at Cybernetica
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Bio Responsible for SplitKey, a next generation mobile authentication and digital signing technology that provides dedicated hardware level security, but without the hardware. Career History Technical sales, project management, and consulting.


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Can incumbent banks fight off newcomers with digital identity?

04 Jun 2019

At least for the foreseeable future, the big players in banking aren’t going anywhere and they remain some of the most trusted institutions in our society, despite what people might say (very much a case of put your money where your mouth is). Despite a massive rise in purely online banks, mobile banks, and the multitude of fintechs appearing on t...


Banking Regulations

Incumbent banks could actually benefit from PSD2's SCA

20 May 2019

Usually when a new regulation comes in, its goal is to make things more secure, more private, or more inclusive, but often, at the expense of the service provider or convenient ways of working. For once, we may see a regulation that comes in and everyone wins. The second payment services directive, PSD2, has a new requirement deadline coming in Se...


New world FIs need to make better decisions on security

13 May 2019

Ten years ago, when we thought about where to keep our money, it was either in long standing, trusted banks, or under long standing, trusted mattresses. But recently, this space has exploded (and continues to explode) with myriad of startup mobile banks and cryptocurrencies. Right along side these new fintechs has come incident after incident invo...

Online Banking

Should security be left to the customer?

04 Apr 2019

At the beginning of every year for the last decade or so, a list of the most used passwords is released. At the top of this list are passwords like “123456” and “12345678”. The biggest thing I’ve taken away from this, is that the average person is not well versed enough in cyber security to be responsible for choosing their own password. This migh...

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