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Harbinder Kang

Harbinder Kang

Global Head of Developer Operations at Finastra
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Bio As Global Head of Developer Operations at Finastra, I am passionate about continuous improvement in the software delivery cycle. I have hands-on experience managing multi-site agile teams developing financial software with a DevOps mindset.


Business Knowledge for IT

How to shift left: Four tips to change team culture

06 Aug 2019

As the “shift-left” mindset begins to take hold, it is important to remember that embedding key technical practices earlier in the delivery pipeline will only deliver value if all teams are prepared and on board with the change. Continuous testing, for example, is essential, and may require more of a shift in culture than technology. Most shift-le...


Banking Architecture

Five DevOps trends for 2019

12 Dec 2018

DevOps as an approach to software development has become widely established over the last nine years. Bringing the development and IT operations functions together has brought many benefits in the form of better communication and increased collaboration and we’ve seen a range of new tools and disciplines emerging to support the movement. Looking a...