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Harbinder Kang

Harbinder Kang

Global Head of Developer Operations at Finastra
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Bio As Global Head of Developer Operations at Finastra, I am passionate about continuous improvement in the software delivery cycle. I have hands-on experience managing multi-site agile teams developing financial software with a DevOps mindset.



The role of site reliability engineering for DevOps

14 Apr 2020

As more and more firms turn to the cloud to push out services across the globe, there is an increasing focus on the tools, technologies, and practices that facilitate the process. Systems must increasingly bear the weight of new customers and data integration while also maintaining a consistent level of service. To do this effectively, it is vital...

Innovation in Financial Services

Four DevOps Trends for 2020

29 Jan 2020

Last year, I put together a few thoughts on what I saw as the emerging DevOps trends for 2019. As we enter a new year and decade, I thought it might be useful to do the same for 2020. A common theme in this year’s trends concerns the way in which firms are dealing with delivering services at scale in the cloud, which I think could be a grand tren...


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Low-code - what are the implications for developers

20 May 2019

Modern application development is a complex business, requiring multiple language support, knowledge of tools to build, test and deploy applications, understanding of client experience, data handling, security skills and the ability to provide experiences on multiple channels including web, mobile and desktop. In addition, developers are adapting ...

Fast feedback and rapid iteration: the new game changers for developers

08 Apr 2019

While low-code programming is designed to speed up the development process and enable collaboration with others inside and outside the business, any modern software development platform is now designed to create opportunities for fast feedback, rapid iterations and quick system upgrades. But what does this all mean for legacy programmers migrating...