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Where will you end up in the fourth industrial revolution?

12 Nov 2018

At Sibos this year I noticed a lot of references in keynote sessions to the Fourth Wave of the Industrial Revolution, the ensuing shake-up of the jobs market, and how this would apply to the financial services sector. The World Economic Forum’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution is doing a lot of research in this area, and its Future of


The FSI Forecast is Cloudy with a chance of Transformation

08 Nov 2018

Sibos 2018 saw representatives of the main cloud players in financial services with AWS, Google Cloud, IBM and Microsoft Azure filling seats on panels and providing a cloud technology perspective on digital transformation initiatives they are contributing to. Most of the larger financial institutions are pursuing a hybrid multi-cloud strategy, a


AI - make it explainable, ethical and used by all

07 Nov 2018

Artificial Intelligence was everywhere at Sibos 2018. Not in the form of sentient bots roaming the halls (although Accenture did have a humanoid robot on their stand), but in the content of plenaries, panels and pitches. Some refused to use the overarching term AI to describe what’s being done today, instead preferring to refer to machine learnin...