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Bio Strong management skills and team building experience with focus on sales growth while maintaining an organized environment. Providing leadership and motivation through marketing and earning TRUST from clients and their referrals.


Personal Finance

What is a Mutual Fund?

04 Dec 2019

According to a dictionary a mutual fund is an investment company that issues shares continuously and is obligated to repurchase them from shareholders on demand. A mutual fund is also called an open-end investment company. What does all that really mean? You can look at buying a mutual fund like going in on a group gift for a parent. Instead of g...



23 Nov 2019

FinTech, shortened from Financial Technology, is a fast-rising industry that improves financial activities like asset and wealth management through technology, hence its name. It is a technologically driven innovation that seeks to challenge the normal methods used in carrying out activities in finance and the delivery of financial services. Some ...

The Payments Business

What are cross-border payments and how do I make them?

18 Nov 2019

Cross-border payments are transactions where the payee and the transaction recipient are based in separate countries. For global eCommerce businesses, cross-border payments are an integral part of their day to day operations. They need to be able to transfer funds across different territories in the most secure and efficient way possible. Often, c...

Personal Finance

Preparing Your Personal Finances for a Recession

06 Nov 2019

Paying attention to the financial market and the changes it undergoes is important for anyone. Not just business owners and others with high stakes in the field, but the average consumer as well. Knowing when a recession is coming can allow you to prepare for it more adequately than the average person. And make no mistake here, there’s actually a l...