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Kevin O'Neill

Kevin O'Neill

Global Head of Buy-Side at Fenergo
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Bio I joined Fenergo in May 2018 to head up Fenergo new Buy Side Division and build out Fenergo Client Lifecycle Management solutions for asset management, investment management and transfer agency firms.


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

6 Ways to Create a Frictionless Client & Investor Lifecycle Journey for Asset Servicing Firms

17 Sep 2020

As digital transformation continues to impact the financial services sector, Asset Servicing (AS) firms are under significant pressure to modernize their processes. To transform successfully, they need to work closely with their clients to create frictionless alignment during the end-to-end investor lifecycle journey. 1. Straight-Through Process...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Breaking down Silos: 4 Key Transformation Challenges for Transfer Agents and Fund Administrators

29 Jul 2020

In a recent post, we explored how Asset Servicing (AS) firms are grappling to meet their clients’ and investors’ fast-evolving digital service and real-time reporting expectations. The underlying reason that so many Transfer Agents (TA) and Fund Administrators (FA) are not in a position to offer appropriate digital services is as much cultural as i...

Innovation in Financial Services

Digitalize-or-Die Crossroads for Asset Servicing: Closing the Client and Investor Experience Gap

08 Jul 2020

The Asset Servicing (AS) industry is an essential but often overlooked component of global financial markets. Yet, while transfer agents and fund administrators are critical to the smooth running of middle- and back-office operations for many Asset Management firms, the sector is at a ‘change or die’ crossroads in its evolution. The current state ...

Trends in Financial Services

What does 2020 hold for Asset Management and Asset Servicing?

04 Feb 2020

Looking ahead into 2020 we can expect to see continued geopolitical uncertainty, fee pressures, increasing regulatory demands and market volatility. The regulatory burden for Asset Managers and Asset Servicers continues to grow. Managers will continue to examine how they differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace through their investmen...