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Gabriel Schild

Executive Director Digital Business Transformation at Verizon
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Bio I am part of a highly specialized team focused helping businesses achieve specific business outcomes using the latest digital technology from Verizon and its trusted partners. Strategic projects aim to transform how business and customer interactions are done. Career History I joined Verizon in 2014, having previously worked at a variety of organisations including Cognizant Technology Solutions, Capco and IBM.



How Financial Organizations Can Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats and Keep Data Secure

29 Jul 2019

Banks and financial institutions are responsible for customer’s money and sensitive financial information and are held to a higher standard for security. Data breaches can have severe consequences and cost a bank much more than just stolen information or funds. A cyberattack can significantly damage a company’s reputation, tarnishing its image for...

Banking Regulations

Staying in control of PCI DSS - why it doesn’t have to be a battle to stay compliant - Part 2

06 Mar 2019

In my last article I highlighted the importance for any business handling payment security data to keep it adequately protected by adhering to PCI DSS standards. The consequences for those that do not comply with the regulations could be dire; including loss of consumer and supplier trust, but also a fine from regulators if a data breach occurs. O...

Banking Regulations

Staying in control of PCI DSS - why it doesn’t have to be a battle to stay compliant - Part 1

21 Feb 2019

Maintaining payment security compliance is key to preserve consumer and supplier trust in a brand. However, the Payment Security Report (PSR) 2018 showed that compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), the standard that protects this data is slipping. In order to stop this downward trend, businesses need to reasses...


Banking on an adaptive network for customer experience innovation: Part 2

10 Oct 2018

The first instalment of this blog looked at how adaptive networks can transform customer experience in financial services. Now I’ll look at the impact this is having on data strategies and cybersecurity risks for financial institutions. Before digital transformation became an industry theme, financial services organizations spent most of their effo...