Stuart Jackson

Stuart Jackson

Founder and MD at Regency Analysis
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Bio Founder of Regency Analysis, I am a high-street retail veteran, having worked in almost every area and aspect of the industry. I advise investors, clients, and family offices on the trends impacting the retail sector, including consumer transactions and fintech. Career History I began my career working in retail stores. After a number of false starts, I landed a job at a large London investment bank, overlooking their retail research and analysis. Changing direction, I then worked for a number of smaller family offices, coordinating investment in retail.


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Is collaboration the next big move for fintechs?

05 Sep 2019

It’s clear that fintech can help emerging economies grow but it’s productivity that’s the big challenge in the developed west. Figures such as UK economist John Mills, and investors John Martinson founder of Edison Partners and Ryan Goldenberg of LLR Partners, have long proposed a more bullish approach to growth and productivity in both the west, a...


3 reasons why Fintech will continue to drive social change long term

20 Aug 2019

Fintech has a history of supporting the disadvantaged going back decades, but is it possible that it will eventually become the engine of change in the same way as some more traditional businesses? After all, private family run concerns in particular have frequently spawned philanthropic ventures such as Andrew Nisbet’s The Nisbet Trust, John Den...


Migration is vital to the future of UK fintech

05 Aug 2019

Fintech in the UK continues to outpace the rest of the world. But Brexit has raised questions about its future, especially when it comes to recruiting new tech talent. Though I firmly believe that the UK will remain in the top spot, I do think that the government needs to ensure that entrepreneur migrants can come to the UK unhindered. After all, ...


The UK will still be the best place to start a fintech business post Brexit

25 Jul 2019

Britain is on the cusp of seismic change brought on by the 2016 EU Referendum. Brexit has been variously touted as the end of the UK economy and the start of a new British renaissance – and everything in between. But high-profile tech investors including Tom Chapman, Michael Moritz and Michael Blakey are unlikely to be phased, and for good reason...