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Financial Analyst at FXOpen
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Bio Financial markets contributor and observer. I specialize in market strategies and technical analysis.


Innovation in Financial Services

Why Bitcoin is going to be fine?

30 Nov 2018

Next year, several key events will occur in the digital money market that can seriously affect the situation in the industry. In 2018, the cost of cryptocurrency is continuously decreasing. Bitcoin has already fallen in price by 80% from $20,000 to $4,000. The total capitalization of the blockchain industry has decreased by 84%: it was $830 billion...


You might have missed it: Bitcoin at 15,000 USD and the market’s disappointment in ICO

21 Nov 2018

Fundstrat chief analyst Tom Lee lowered his bitcoin forecast by the end of the year, a major Swiss stock exchange will launch a cryptocurrency ETP, Poland will impose a 19% cryptocurrency tax and other news of the last two days. At the weekend, the situation in the digital money market remained virtually unchanged, but several events occurred at ...

Blockchain Observations

How to get free cryptocurrency. Blockchain will distribute USD 125 million

09 Nov 2018

E-wallet developer will distribute about 484 million Stellar tokens between its customers. Cryptocurrency wallet developer Blockchain and startup Stellar are going to carry out the largest distribution of cryptocurrency in history. About 484 million tokens with a total value of $ 125 million will be distributed among the company's customers. Acco...

Finance 2.0

Wall Street Bot. What is algorithmic cryptocurrency trading?

11 Oct 2018

The industry around digital money not only transforms the markets we are used to, but also quickly adopts their technological achievements. Borrowing went for innovative solutions used in exchange trading. Algorithmic cryptocurrency trading is gaining momentum today. Let's impartially take a look at how effective it is and whether it should be mas...