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Thomas Winter

Thomas Winter

Managing Director at jenID Solutions GmbH
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Bio I have a very advanced understanding of how to fit reliable and accurate real-time ID authentication solutions seamlessly into existing business processes in the financial industry, insurances, telcos and the travel industry without compromising on speed or user experience. Career History My career spans the automative, medical, and ID verification industry. After graduating in Business Administration I gained experience in Controlling and Performance Management at Daimler AG.


Digital Identity Management

Don’t let our quick fix society get in way of AML checks

16 Jul 2019

It’s very clear that money laundering is well and truly on the rise. Although it’s pretty much impossible to pinpoint exact figures, government officials estimate that between $800 billion and $2 trillion cash is laundered globally, every year. That’s a staggering 2- 5% of global GDP annually. That’s an amount which looks set to rise with criminal...

Financial Risk Management

Merging RegTech and Identity

12 Feb 2019

According to a recent report by MarketsandMarkets, the Regtech market is expected to be worth $12.3 billion by 2023. This is driven by an increase in the cost of compliance, as even more regulations are adopted and the requirement for a more streamlined customer experience proves to be more important than ever. Know your customer, anti-money laund...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Putting the customer at the heart of it

27 Nov 2018

A colleague of mine in the UK recently wanted to open a business account. She needed to get funds in quickly so she wanted a fast process and was happy to comply with whatever checks were required to do so. Contacting her current high street bank seemed an obvious first step. Surely this would make the process simpler, and more importantly, faster...

Financial Risk Management

Juggling authentication techniques to prevent fraud and comply with GDPR

29 May 2018

If your business operates online no doubt you will have processes in place to help mitigate the risks of fraud to your business. With UK finance fraud losses standing at £618 million in 2016 (Financial Fraud Action UK), fraud is no laughing matter. It’s difficult to juggle the costs of authentication against the risk to your business of fraud. Also...