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Innovation in Financial Services

Precise and Prudent Credit Score, will it really reduce Retail Non-Performing Assets?

19 Sep 2018

Introduction Non-Performing Asset (NPA) is a trending topic today across the banking industry. It is estimated that Global non-performing assets are around 3.5% - 4.2% of the gross loans and it stood at 3.7% for 2017( Source - It ranges from 48% to .20% across the countries in the world (Source ...

Digital Banking Trends

Banking in any Bank, Digital Banking Simplified

02 Jul 2018

Introduction Banking has evolved from manual banking to computerized transaction processing, home branch to core banking where transactions can be processed from any of the bank branches. Additional channel offering allows self- care customer service and transaction processing through ATM/Internet banking/Mobile banking etc. It has been more than ...



Open up Banking Data, A boon or looks Scary

09 Apr 2018

In the manual banking era, the customer and account related information was available only to the respective Branch users/managers who serviced the customer. With the advent of computerization and anywhere banking the customer and account related information is available for viewing by multiple audience, though subject to the system access control...