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31 Southampton Row, London, WC1B 5HJ, United Kingdom
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Hudson & Yorke is an international management consultancy focused on delivering strategic and commercial benefits to our clients in the specialist area of communications technology.

Hudson & Yorke was founded with a mission to create and build a specialist independent consulting brand. As such we understand better than anyone how communications technology should be integrated into the IT operating and sourcing models of our clients.

Communications technology typically accounts for 20% of the IT total cost of ownership of a large enterprise. In an environment characterised by rapid technological innovation, we believe there is a need for specialist support to:
  • develop the right strategy;
  • select the right vendor/s;
  • negotiate the right contracts; and
  • implement the right technology transformation plans.

As a specialist organisation, our technology expertise encompasses voice and data networks, unified communications, cloud computing, conferencing and collaboration solutions, mobility, machine-to-machine communications, contact centres and security solutions.

Our consultants work with clients in the financial services, government and public sector, utilities, consumer industries, life sciences, manufacturing and travel and transport sectors; with our service offer covering management consultancy, managed services and training services. We boast an entrepreneurial work ethic and our people are true leaders in their field.

We work with large enterprises in helping them achieve tangible business benefits and our philosophy is to put the client at the forefront of everything we do. We are flexible and agile and our collaborative approach is reflected by our loyal client base.

Hudson & Yorke in financial services
The financial crisis has changed the landscape dramatically within the industry and has resulted in an increase in regulation. Firms need to respond effectively to this new world.

The winners will be those who embrace the changes, who are able to respond and adapt their strategy and operations to capitalise on the opportunities. Those who don't or can't, will be left behind.

Firms face different challenges as a result of the financial crisis. For some, it's the impact of new regulations on a communications technology strategy or the need for integration of new acquisitions. For others it's a divestment to handle, or a re-alignment of the business to meet a more focused strategy. At the same time technology is opening up new possibilities to engage with customers and trading partners whilst budgets remain under severe pressure.

Communications technology plays an important role in helping to deliver against the business strategy. At Hudson & Yorke we help our clients re-appraise their use and sourcing of communication technology to align with the business direction and to exploit the emerging opportunities. The need to adapt and change has never been so strong. Continuing an 'as-is' model is not likely to be the most appropriate way forward.

We work with firms across the spectrum of financial services from retail and investment banking to insurance and payments operations to help our clients respond positively and swiftly to the changing world. Our specialist consultants have a wealth of experience in helping our clients to develop strategic approaches, to scope and define business and technology requirements as well as deliver concrete benefits.

Hudson & Yorke helps organisations to succeed in achieving their business priorities.

Hudson & Yorke focuses on delivering strategic and commercial benefits to our clients through the use of communications technology. We deliver business benefits such as increased profitability, customer experience enhancement, improved supply chain and operational efficiency, improved employee productivity, increased flexibility and agility and improved governance effectiveness.

Our service offer covers management consultancy services, managed services and training services.

Consulting services
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Managed services
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Our training services are an effective platform for your team to benefit from our specialist capability, knowledge and experience. Read more...
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