25 April 2014

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Gottfried Leibbrandt, CEO, Swift

Swift chief: "When we don't sleep, it is because of cyber risks"

11 March 2014  |  0

Swift chief executive Gottfried Leibbrandt has called on EU policymakers to steer clear of 'data protectionism' and work towards the creation of a standardised global framework for international cyber-security.

Swift signs major banks to KYC Registry

04 March 2014  |  2

Interbank messaging network Swift has recruited a group of major banks to help develop its centralised KYC utility for the collection and distribution of standard information required by banks as part of their due diligence processes.

KYC Exhange Net launches Web-based platform for due diligence data sharing

17 January 2014  |  2

Switzerland-based KYC Exchange has launched a Web-based communication platform for Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) data sharing for the international banking community

Swift to move into compliance space with KYC Registry

07 January 2014  |  2

Financial messaging network Swift has announced the creation of a global Know Your Customer (KYC) Registry to help banks to manage compliance challenges and reduce the high costs associated with implementing anti-money laundering regulations.

Swift signs first Asian bank to 3SKey

18 September 2013  |  0

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (BTMU) has become the first Asian bank to adopt 3SKey, the multi-bank digital identity service for corporate treasury authentication developed by financial messaging network Swift.

Deutsche Bank transfers more applications to Autobahn App Market

18 September 2013  |  0

Deutsche Bank has released three new cash management apps on its Autobahn App Market and launched a new service for real-time reconciliation of multi-currency transactions.

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