22 September 2014

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Retail banking

Bitcoin ATM network introduces palm vein authentication

11 September 2014  |  5009 views  |  0

Bitcoin ATM manufacturer Robocoin is to use PalmSecure biometric technology from Fujitu to strengthen authentication in its worldwide network of kiosks.

Wholesale banking

Sabadell opens API to developers in first hackathon

10 September 2014  |  4344 views  |  1

Spain's Banco Sabadell is hosting its first hackathon, providing competing teams of developers with open access to its bank service API to generate fresh ideas and innovative financial applications.


Visa begins tokenisation roll out

10 September 2014  |  7581 views  |  9

Visa has taken advantage of the hoopla surrounding Apple's application of digital account tokens to replace card numbers for online and mobile purchasing by initiating the roll out of its Token Service to US clients.


MasterCard forces merchant POS upgrade to contactless as standard

10 September 2014  |  7907 views  |  7

MasterCard has set a six-year timescale for all European merchants to replace their existing point-of-sale terminals with contactless-enabled tills by 2020.


Surprise! Apple makes payments play

10 September 2014  |  9647 views  |  31

After weeks of rumour, hype and speculation, Apple has made its long-awaited entry into the payments business with a compelling mix of NFC technology, tokenisation, biometrics and must-have mobile form factors, including the new iPhone 6 and forthcoming Apple Watch.

Risk & regulation

Banks could make big T2S-related savings - research

09 September 2014  |  4144 views  |  0

Banks and brokers could save millions of euros if they act fast to adapt their securities and cash supply chains for Target2-Securities (T2S), according to Clearstream commissioned research.


Home Depot confirms data breach

09 September 2014  |  3846 views  |  0

Home improvement chain Home Depot has finally confirmed that its payment data systems have been breached, putting the card details of tens of millions of US and Canadian customers at risk.

Mobile & online

PayPal pips Apple with One Touch mobile and bitcoin payments

09 September 2014  |  6755 views  |  0

With the Apple juggernaut about to steamroller all other payments-related news, PayPal has pushed the innovation bar a little higher by announcing plans to enable 'One Touch' transactions on iOS and Android phones and adding support for bitcoin purchasing.


Twitter starts testing 'buy' button

08 September 2014  |  4092 views  |  0

Twitter has begun testing a 'buy' button that merchants can embed in tweets so that shoppers are able to make purchases from within the social network.

Retail banking

Barclaycard buys The Logic Group

08 September 2014  |  5586 views  |  0

Barclaycard is boosting its capabilities in the lucrative rewards market through the acquisition of payments and loyalty specialist The Logic Group. Financial terms have not been disclosed.

Retail banking

New Zealand's Heartland Bank invests in P2P lending platform

08 September 2014  |  2372 views  |  0

New Zealand's Heartland Bank has bought a 10% stake in local online peer-to-peer lending platform HarMoney. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Retail banking

De La Rue named preferred bidder for BofE plastic banknote contract

08 September 2014  |  2773 views  |  0

As it prepares to move to plastic banknotes, the Bank of England has named De La Rue as the preferred bidder for a 10-year printing contract.

Wholesale banking

ICE agrees $350m SuperDerivatives acquisition

05 September 2014  |  7448 views  |  0

IntercontinentalExchange (ICE) has agreed a $350 million cash deal to acquire SuperDerivatives, a provider of risk management analytics, financial market data and valuation services.

Retail banking

USAA and Mitek settle cheque imaging lawsuit

05 September 2014  |  3514 views  |  0

Online army bank USAA and mobile cheque imaging outfit Mitek Systems have settled a lawsuit that has been running since 2012.

Retail banking

Fintech leads London investment boom

05 September 2014  |  5824 views  |  0

Fintech startups have emerged as the hottest ticket in London for venture capital investors, taking the lion's share of VC-directed funds in the first half of the year.


Federal Reserve inches towards faster payments

05 September 2014  |  4718 views  |  5

America's Federal Reserve Banks are moving ahead with plans to improve the country's payment infrastructure, promising to publish a roadmap in the coming months that could eventually lead to a faster payments system.

Risk & regulation

Barclays launches biometric reader for corporate client login

05 September 2014  |  7564 views  |  1

Barclays corporate customers will soon be able to log into their online accounts by scanning their fingers with biometric readers that use vein authentication technology from Hitachi.

Retail banking

ATM Industry Association opens up to bitcoin

05 September 2014  |  4098 views  |  2

The ATM Industry Association has called on bitcoin ATM operators to join with it in promoting improved security and governance for virtual currency machines.

Trade execution

Bloomberg returns to Bloomberg

04 September 2014  |  2643 views  |  0

Former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg is returning to lead the financial data and news giant he founded more than 30 years ago.

Mobile & online

Barclaycard and Orange close Quick Tap mobile NFC payments service

04 September 2014  |  8546 views  |  5

Barclaycard and Orange are to kill off their Quick Tap contactless mobile payment service at the end of next month.

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