30 January 2015
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Google brings e-mail money transfer system to Europe

29 January 2015  |  5216 views  |  0 News

Google is rolling out its e-mail-based money transfer system in the UK, almost two years after the feature was first released in the US.


Google Wallet gets first payment platform partner for Instant Buy API

26 January 2015  |  4281 views  |  0 News

E-commerce payment processor WePay has integrated with Google's Instant Buy API, a service that lets Google Wallet users check out in just two clicks on mobile and web without exposing their sensitive information to third parties.


Google in talks to buy Softcard

19 January 2015  |  6337 views  |  1 News

Google is in talks to buy US telco-owned mobile payments venture Softcard for between $50 million and $100 million, according to press reports.


Google shelves sales of hi-tech goggles

16 January 2015  |  4777 views  |  1 News

Memo to bank innovation teams: Take off the rose-tinted spectacles and put on your smart watches, Google ceases consumer sales of Glass eyewear.


Google partners Lending Club on biz financing programme

15 January 2015  |  8928 views  |  0 News

P2P lending platform Lending Club has teamed up with Google to offer loans to the Web giant's partner firms.


Google sues Visa and MasterCard over interchange fees

06 January 2015  |  12059 views  |  0 News

Google is suing Visa and MasterCard over the card giants' interchange fees, alleging that they violated federal antitrust law.


Google cloud platform gains PCI certification

03 December 2014  |  1771 views  |  0 Company announcement

Every year people spend billions of dollars buying goods online. Consumers who make these purchases and the companies that accept these online credit transactions need confidence that their data and processes are protected. We are pleased to announce that Google Cloud Platform has been validated for compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS).


Google to give away $100,000 in mobile wallet recruitment campain

19 November 2014  |  5928 views  |  2 News

Google is to give away $100,000 to users of its mobile wallet who recruit a friend to the platform, as it prepares to do battle with Apple Pay and Softcard for market share over the all-important US holiday season.


Google pulls plug on in-app Wallet payments

14 November 2014  |  6944 views  |  0 News

Google is pulling out of the in-app purchasing game by retiring its Google Wallet service for digital goods.


Google adds recurring bank transfers to wallet

30 October 2014  |  1174 views  |  0 Company announcement

Today, we are announcing a new way to add money to your Wallet Balance automatically through recurring bank transfers. The feature is secure, and will give you fast access to your money, with no Google Wallet fees.

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