01 November 2014

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Google adds recurring bank transfers to wallet

30 October 2014  |  831 views  |  0 Company announcement

Today, we are announcing a new way to add money to your Wallet Balance automatically through recurring bank transfers. The feature is secure, and will give you fast access to your money, with no Google Wallet fees.


Apple Pay hits roadblock as US pharmacies disable NFC access

27 October 2014  |  10899 views  |  6 News

Two of the biggest pharmacy chains in the US have disabled NFC terminals in an attempt to shut out Apple Pay ahead of the launch of retailer-backed platform CurrentC in 2015.


Google Chrome implements support for Fido Alliance authentication

22 October 2014  |  1476 views  |  0 Company announcement

The FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance, a global industry consortium delivering open standards for simpler, stronger authentication, is announcing that Google is the latest member organization to deploy support for FIDO Alliance authentication standards.


Top Image Systems launches Google Glass app

23 September 2014  |  1659 views  |  0 Company announcement

Top Image Systems, Ltd. (NASDAQ:TISA), a leading ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and BPM (Business Process Management) solution and MIP (Mobile Imaging Platform) provider today unveils its patent-pending Google Glass application, GlassCaptureā„¢, to the FinovateFall audience in New York, NY.


Blackhawk working with Google Wallet on gift card integration

03 September 2014  |  1673 views  |  0 Company announcement

Blackhawk Network, Inc., a leading prepaid and payments network, today announced an integration with Google Wallet that allows customers the opportunity to better manage and spend their gift cards through the ease of their mobile devices.


YouTube taps Google Wallet for fan funding feature

02 September 2014  |  3208 views  |  0 News

YouTube has introduced a feature which enables viewers to make donations to their favourite content creators through Google Wallet.


Google's Aussie chief rejects Wallet for 'more exciting' things

21 August 2014  |  6016 views  |  4 News

Google Wallet is not coming to Australia anytime soon, with the company's boss in the country declaring she has "more exciting" things to concentrate on.


Why Google Bank won't happen

30 July 2014  |  13609 views  |  8 News

Google won't launch a traditional bank because of the associated costs and regulation, but these hurdles won't stop the firm from redefining the future of financial services, according to a new Forrester report.


Google Wallet gets gift card support

17 July 2014  |  988 views  |  0 Company announcement

Today, we're introducing several new features to the Google Wallet app* for Android and iOS devices that make it easier to shop in stores and get paid by friends and family.


Google 'pirate' Makoski joins Capital One

03 July 2014  |  4054 views  |  0 News

Google design whiz Dan Makoski is quitting the search giant's free-thinking Project Ara 'pirate' mobile development division to join Capital One as VP of design, with an initial focus on m-commerce and payments.

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