17 September 2014

Latest articles for EBA Clearing


ECB fingers systemically important payment systems for oversight

21 August 2014  |  7282 views  |  0 News

The European Central Bank has named four key payment systems - Target2, Euro1, Step2-T and Core(Fr) - as "systemically important", and so subject to new regulations.


Belgian bank KBC joins MyBank

28 July 2014  |  1801 views  |  0 Company announcement

Today KBC announced that they are joining MyBank and will offer this Europe-wide payment method to their retail and corporate customers from spring 2015 on.


Banca Sella onboards 4000 merchants to MyBank

27 June 2014  |  1614 views  |  0 Company announcement

Four thousand merchants will go live with MyBank during the next few weeks, thanks to Gestpay, Banca Sella Group's gateway solution.


MyBank, payments and direct debits

23 June 2014  |  1595 views  |  0 Video

John Broxis from MyBank provides an update on the project a year on from its launch and talks about the upcoming MyBank mandate service.


Passing the Sepa deadline: mission complete?

20 June 2014  |  1580 views  |  0 Video

Jan Paul van Pul, chairman of the Sepa migration action round table, discusses how the end date of Sepa migration does not mean 'mission complete' for European payments and how SMART is tackling the issue of Sepa direct debits.


EBA Clearing responds to corporate need for extended remittance information

11 June 2014  |  925 views  |  0 Company announcement

EBA Clearing is preparing to support additional remittance information in Sepa messages processed by its pan-European retail payment system STEP2.


EBA Clearing unveils Step2 card clearing service

10 June 2014  |  963 views  |  0 Company announcement

EBA Clearing announced at the EBAday conference in Helsinki today that the Company is implementing a Step2 Card Clearing Service for a go-live in April 2015.


EBA Clearing's MyBank Mandate service opens for registration

10 June 2014  |  3532 views  |  0 News

EBA Clearing has opened the doors to registrations for its MyBank Mandate service, with Intesa Sanpaolo and UniCredit the first banks to sign on.


Why has it been so hard to get rid of cash?

03 June 2014  |  2123 views  |  1 Video

Vincent Brennan, interim deputy chair for the EBA, discusses the policy roadmap behind the electronic alternative payments working group, why it has been so hard to get rid of cash and the vision for 2020.


Innovating payments in a Sepa world

16 May 2014  |  3378 views  |  0 Video

Janina Gronholm, senior regional manager, Finland and the Baltics, EBA Clearing looks at developing person-to-person payments, MyBank and how Europe can build on the newly harmonised payments environment.

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