25 April 2014
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Oberthur Technologies

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Oberthur buys Bogotá centre for Colombia EMV push

15 January 2010  |  5771 views  |  0 News

Oberthur Technologies has acquired a service centre in Bogotá from local vendor Dyetron in a bid to take advantage of Colombia's EMV migration programme. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.


Printec and Oberthur form partnership

23 November 2009  |  1148 views  |  0 Company announcement

As the leading provider of transaction automation solutions, Printec Group is pleased to announce the business partnership with Oberthur Technologies, world's second largest provider of Smart Card based solutions.


Oberthur contactless sticker gets Discover certification

18 November 2009  |  1188 views  |  0 Company announcement

Oberthur Technologies' contactless sticker product - FlyBuy Sticker-has been granted type approval by Discover Financial Services, a leading U.S. credit card issuer and global electronic payment services company.


BNP Paribas and Oberthur to turn Nice into NFC city

18 November 2009  |  7757 views  |  0 News

BNP Paribas is teaming with Oberthur Technologies on a contactless mobile payment project designed to turn Nice into France's "NFC city".


Oberthur and Banca Popolare di Sondrio team on contactless card for students

17 November 2009  |  6223 views  |  0 News

Oberthur Technologies has teamed with Banca Popolare di Sondrio on a pre-paid contactless Visa card that can also be used for ID and access control by students and staff at two Milanese universities.


Oberthur and Todos form partnership

16 November 2009  |  1675 views  |  0 Company announcement

Oberthur Technologies and Todos are joining forces to create a complementary range of services and products such as authentication devices and back-end servers to improve security, usability and trust for online e-shopping and e-banking users.


Oberthur ships light-emitting contactless card

05 November 2009  |  5499 views  |  3 News

Oberthur Technologies has launched a contactless payments card that lights up when placed in the field of a terminal reader to let the user know that their transaction is taking place.


Oberthur introduces EMV-in-Box for US issuers

04 November 2009  |  932 views  |  0 Company announcement

Oberthur Technologies, the world's second largest provider of smart card based solutions and a leading contactless card provider in the U.S., today announced its breakthrough EMV migration solution, "EMV-in-Box", for card issuers in the United States.


Smart Card Alliance names 2010 board and executive committee

28 October 2009  |  2732 views  |  0 Company announcement

The Smart Card Alliance today announced its 2009-2010 board and seven-member executive committee.


Oberthur selects Collis for EMV card personalisation validation test tools

26 October 2009  |  1602 views  |  0 Company announcement

Collis is proud to announce that Oberthur has selected Collis as the Preferred Supplier for test tools in the field of EMV card personalisation validation.

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