13 October 2015

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BofE's Haldane suggests ditching cash for cryptocurrency

18 September 2015  |  11414 views  |  3 News

The Bank of England's chief economist has floated the prospect of abolishing paper cash and replacing it with a state-backed digital currency as a way of facilitating negative interest rates.


Bank of England stocks the cash vault as demand continues to grow

16 September 2015  |  4720 views  |  3 News

Demand for cash is unlikely to be severely dented by the growing availability of alternative forms of payment over the coming years, declares the Bank of England in its quarterly bulletin, noting that half of all UK banknotes are active in the black market or held overseas.


UK's £20 banknote to go plastic

02 September 2015  |  4910 views  |  0 News

The UK's next £20 note will be printed on polymer in a move to make the paper currency more secure and durable.


Bank of England Twitter test scores home run

19 August 2015  |  6832 views  |  0 News

An American football match in September led to some heart-stopping moments for a Bank of England team tasked with monitoring Twitter for sentiment about a potential bank run in the build up to the Scottish independence referendum.


Bank of England plans new sterling money market data collection

30 July 2015  |  3202 views  |  0 Company announcement

The Bank of England has today published a consultation document setting out in detail plans first announced in March 2015 for a new sterling money market data collection. The consultation also sets out, at a high level, how the Bank plans to use these data to reform the Sterling Overnight Index Average (SONIA) benchmark interest rate.


Blockchain investor to list in London

16 July 2015  |  4302 views  |  0 News

A London-based start-up that invests in the technology behind crypto-currency bitcoin is planning to list on London's AIM in what is believed to be the first IPO for a blockchain company.


Bank of England enters the blogosphere

19 June 2015  |  1933 views  |  0 Company announcement

Our goal is to bring more of our thinking into the public domain and to showcase our analytical and research output. We hope to contribute to the wider debate on areas that are relevant to the Bank’s work.


Bank of England reports progress on note authentication at cash machines

23 April 2015  |  1918 views  |  0 Company announcement

Cash Services, the industry body for notes and coins, today published a Review of the first implementation phase of the Code of Conduct for the Authentication of Machine-Dispensed Banknotes (‘the Code’).


BofE rapped over crisis management failings in RTGS breakdown

25 March 2015  |  3794 views  |  0 News

The Bank of England has been told it needs to improve contingency arrangements and strengthen its crisis management framework following an independent review of the ten-hour breakdown in the operation of the UK's high value payments system, Chaps, last year.


Bank of England could issue own digital currency

26 February 2015  |  15126 views  |  3 News

Like its counterparts in the US, the Bank of England is pondering the implications of issuing its own digital currency.

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