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The future of cash? It's all in the data 04 Apr 2014 Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond This paper from the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond uses transaction-level data from a large discount chain together with zip-code-level explanatory variables to learn about consumer payment choices across size of transaction, location, and time.
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31 Mar, 2014
ACI Worldwide ACI Worldwide presents the results of a survey into commercial account fraud among North American and global banks.
12 Mar, 2014
PricewaterhouseCoopers Nearly three quarters of US retail banking executives view non-traditional competitors as a serious threat, says new PwC report.
05 Mar, 2014
PwC/Clearstream A study by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), commissioned by Clearstream, has revealed that the benefits of T2S go far beyond increasing cross-border settlement efficiency.
05 Feb, 2014
Capgemini Capgemini presents the 2013 Business Technology Performance Index.
04 Oct, 2013
Global non-cash payment volumes continue to surge, with more than 333 billion transactions in 2012 as cards and mobile services grow in popularity, research from Capgemini and RBS suggests.
19 Sep, 2013
Capita Capita explores how commercial models are changing the face of testing.
07 May, 2013
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston reports on the evolution of mobile payments technology two years on from its original paper in 2011.
30 Apr, 2013
Sifma The US Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association presents a compendium of post-flash crash studies into HFT behaviour.
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