22 May 2015

Help with logging in and membership

Finextra Research

I can't login

If you are experiencing problems, we can email you a password. If you continue to have problems please email us at contact@finextra.com.

How do I get a blog?

Sign up for our newsletter, fill in your profile and then use the option on your personal home page to request a blog. We are restricting blogs to bonafide Fintech professionals.

What are the different newsletters?

All subscribers receive the Finextra daily news which is sent once per working day. In addition we offer the following newsletters:

  • Weekly jobs round up: latest people stories and jobs, sent once per week
  • Channel news flashes: breaking stories sent as they happen

You may chop and change the selection you receive by logging in and amending your preferences.

I am getting too many newsletters

Login and select Newsletter Preferences in the right hand panel. Uncheck those you do not wish to receive.

I don't seem to be receiving the newsletters

If you have recently registered, you may still need to confirm your email address. Simply log in and follow the instructions. Alternatively it may be that your mail provider has a spam filter that is blocking our email. Ask them to allow mail from finextra.com. Please note that if email is continually bounced back to us as non-deliverable, we will delete the subscriber.

I haven't received the confirmation email

Log in and you'll see an option to send another confirmation message. If this fails to arrive, you will need to contact your mail service provider - it is likely our email is being rejected as spam.

I'm moving companies or changing my email address - what do I do?

Simply log in and choose the Change my email option to update your email address.

How do I unsubscribe?

Simply log in and choose the Unsubscribe from Finextra option to completely unsubscribe from Finextra.

Help with blogging

Can I use Word as my editor?

Yes. Keep your formatting simple, don't use tables and you should have no problems pasting your content into the edit pane using the special paste from Word button.

My formatting goes when I paste!

There are some restrictions on what you can do in terms of layout within the editor. Anything that could potentially break the site is stripped out - and this includes tables. You can use bullets, italics, bold and strikethrough, but you can't change the font face or colour. Follow the link from your home page when you login for more help on editing.

My photo looks a bit blurry

If you submit a photo that is too large, the site will attempt to resize and compress your image to fit the available space. It usually does a reasonable job, however you may prefer to crop and resize the image yourself. If you make it no more than 150 pixels high and 200 across, you should find the uploaded image looks more or less the same as your original.

Something not working?

Please email us at contact@finextra.com and we'll look into it

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