23 October 2014

Latin American E-Invoicing

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Argentina AFIP - eInvoicing Basics

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Legal requirements for invoicing are constantly changing in Argentina. While they are mandatory for some industries, others are still receiving future timelines from the Argentinean tax authority Administración Federal de Ingresos Públicos (AFIP). Today organizations need to consider solutions for Type E export invoices, as well as the new regulations for domestic (Type A and Type B) invoices.

Regardless of the type of invoice, companies in Argentina and VAT registered importers must obtain a valid digital certificate and register it for use through one of the certification channels provided by the Argentinean tax authority (AFIP)   www.afip.gov.ar. To do this, companies must first obtain a Fiscal Key or password to gain access to the AFIP web site and then link the certificate to their fiscal identification or CUIT on file with the government.

Argentina e-Invoicing Basics:

  • The MOST IMPORTANT: The AFIP requires that official document numbers be issued in sequence, so if there is a problem with one particular invoice, subsequent invoices must be placed on hold until the problem is corrected.
  • Multiple CFD Document Types (export invoice, credit memo, debit memo, etc.)
  • Real time integration of CFD Summary with Argentina Tax Authority (AFIP)
  • Export Invoices - cannot release truck for shipment without CAE number
  • All Invoices, CAE Code and Expiration Date required on printed output.
  • Mandates for Export Invoices now, Mandates for other CFD Document Types Coming Soon

 Technical Requirements vary by Industry/Invoice Types

  • RG 2904 – Uses Web Services “with details”
  • RG 2485 – Uses Web Services without details
  • Export Invoices have different web service
  • Validation rules are quite strict and intricate
  • “Official Document Number” must be sequenced properly and web service is not elegant in handling this.


Communications Certificate  (Customer)

  • Also known as CFD (for Certificado Fiscal Digital)
  • Must be obtained by the Company from the AFIP web site. acn.afip.gob.ar/ 
  • This certificate is used to sign electronic documents and “stamp” them as having been originated by the company.
  • Need your “Clave Fiscal” to login. 
  • Process can take up to 30 days.
  • The same CFD certificate can be used to multiple web services types (e.g. Exports, Internal, etc.)
  • Used  to login to the AFIP web services on the company’s behalf.
  • Separate “test” and “production” environments. 


Registration (Customer)

  • After receiving CFD, customer must register to activate for Web Services (& Facturador en Linea).
  • Before production, customer must link their third party provider communications certificate to the CFD web services registration via the AFIP web site. 


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