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Finextra Fantasy Formula One - Have you got what it takes?

09 March 2010  |  2409 views  |  0

The 2010 Formula One Grand Prix season is almost upon us with the first race this weekend in Bahrain.

There promises to be a lot of excitement this year with 4 former world champions in the mix, four (or five if the US team make it to the grid) new teams, a ban on in-race refuelling and a new points system.

The big question is will the 41 year old Schumi be competitive in the new Mercedes/rebranded Brawn GP car after a haitus of 3 years?

To encourage a bit of friendly banter and competitiveness we have started up a Formula One Fantasy Grand Prix mini league. To join us go to http://fantasyracing.metro.co.uk/welcome/ and pick your team then use the ‘mini league' option to join the Finextra mini league.

In the spirit of Formula One at the end of the season the winner will receive a bottle of champagne courtesy of Finextra!!

The details you'll need are:

League PIN: 3000459

The first two races of the season will be used as practice races to hone your skills so the main game starts in earnest with the third Grand Prix of the season.

See you at the starting line!




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