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The Finextra@Sibos community is open to all delegates and exhibitors at the annual financial markets conference organised by financial messaging network Swift.

How many roads must a man walk down...

14 September 2008  |  4655 views  |  1

Before Sibos is over?

So, another year older and so too another Sibos, this my third. Although still a relative novice, I have pondered in the past just how much distant a Sibos delegate without a stand to call home, such as myself, would cover during the event. In the run up to this year's Sibos I thought it might actually be interesting to do a little experiment to see exactly how far I travel on foot during the week. So, I set out to buy a simple pedometer that I would strap to my foot and that would be that. However, given the fact that I am a complete sucker for anything vaguely novel, I went to the sports shop with a budget of £5.99 in mind for a piece of technology often given away free in boxes of cereal, and came out with a running computer watch that has functions I don't even understand, let alone will ever work out how to use! I have sussed it (vaguely) and have worked out how to calculate the distance that I cover, so it should do the job. The experiment will start properly tomorrow, and will be blogging daily with updates for anyone that's interested in seeing how much ground I cover. In the meantime I have to work out how to strap an instrument designed to be fitted to shoelaces onto a lace-less boot (suggestions welcome!)

Tune in tomorrow for another exciting instalment...

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Peter Roberts - UCL - London | 15 September, 2008, 09:51

Hi Tom - I got a free pedometer from one of the stands last time I was at Sibos. Bit late now to suggest that I expect....

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