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Get your Tweets out!

13 June 2012  |  2021 views  |  0

A while back we gave Finextra Community members the ability to add their twitter feeds into their Network Activity panel.

We were obtaining/using a member's Twitter RSS Feed to pull the data across.

Twitter has since removed the RSS Feed links from their site. This has meant that any Finextra Community Member who wished to add their twitter feed to their finextra profile had been unable to do so.

To rectify that we've done a bit of tinkering and have modifed the way users can to add their tweets to Finextra. All we require from users now is a Twitter user name and we'll take care of the rest. (Note, that any Finextra users that have previously added their tweets don't need to change anything).

Click here now to add your Twitter feed to your Network Activity. Finextra imports twitter feeds twice daily and displays your 5 most recent tweets. We look forward to reading them!

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