29 July 2014

Transaction banking

Tom AblewhiteFinextra - London

The FinTech Developer Study 2014

23 July 2014  |  1476 views  |  1  |  Recommends 0

Software developers are playing a vital role in reengineering, disrupting and reinventing the financial services industry. I heard someone ask at Finextra's Future Money event recently; "When are banks going to start realising they are technology companies with a banking strategy?". I've been working with developers for a number of year...

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Neil GraySWIFT - London

The squeeze continues for banks and corporates

18 July 2014  |  1165 views  |  0  |  Recommends 0

There is no doubt that in order to remain competitive and thrive, banks are no different from any other business in that they need to grow, whether that is by increasing the number of customers or the profit that each customer generates. But this is not the whole story. Since the reality check of 2008, there has been much finger pointing at the...

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enrico camerinelliAite Group - Boston

Formula One and Banks

14 July 2014  |  1730 views  |  1  |  Recommends 0

As an Italian living in Monza, Formula One is sort of a lifestyle. The Italian Grand Prix is one of the longest running and most important racing events of the kind, having been held at the course of ...

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Balazs FejesEPAM Systems - Meilen

Omnichannel banking needs to be more strategic

14 July 2014  |  1139 views  |  0  |  Recommends 0

Omnichannel banking needs to be more strategic than being all things to all people Digital technology has undoubtedly changed the way we will bank forever. A recent report from the British Banking...

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Michael PlanteCash Management Solutions - Liverpool

Economies of Intelligence - The New Motive for Outsourcing

11 July 2014  |  2477 views  |  0  |  Recommends 0

Over the past ten years the role of outsourcing has changed dramatically. While outsourcing was once only an option for low-skilled or process-oriented roles, organisations are now beginning to unders...

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Phil BolandThe B2 Group - Luxembourg

Cloud for Banks and Corporates, or just more fog?

08 July 2014  |  1240 views  |  1  |  Recommends 0

Cloud computing services are being cited as the panacea for rising internal computer costs, offering scalable IT infrastructure to large and small companies alike. Cloud based services, we are told, c...

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Tim BrewTim Brew Consulting - London

Bank Legacy Transformation

26 June 2014  |  1548 views  |  1  |  Recommends 0

Legacy Transformation - Making the move from a vicious circle into a virtuous circle…. For some time, I have been pondering the position in which most of the major banks around the world have found ...

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Balazs FejesEPAM Systems - Meilen

Banks Must Lose Their Baggage to Enable Innovation

23 June 2014  |  2678 views  |  2  |  Recommends 1

The changing needs and preferences of customers, coupled with the recent rapid pace of digital innovation, have raised the bar on the levels of service that customers expect from their banks. The incr...

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Daniel SzmuklerEBA Group - Paris

A look back at EBAday 2014

23 June 2014  |  1092 views  |  0  |  Recommends 0

With Helsinki and another successful EBAday behind us, it is time to reflect on the conversations and themes from the show. With 800 attendees this year, this was the biggest EBAday yet and the Finlan...

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Hari SubramanianWipro - Greater New York City

Ready for the Payment Paradigm Shift in Shopping?

19 June 2014  |  2080 views  |  2  |  Recommends 0

Historically, we have shopped with cash or cards. When we use cards (credit, debit, gift, prepaid, etc.) the focus has been on validating the originator. The merchant takes your details and goes to a ...

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