27 November 2014

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Chris LeesFixSpec - London

Seven tips for being more productive

24 November 2014  |  1133 views  |  0  |  Recommends 1

If you work in a big bank, broker, exchange or software vendor, you will recognize the relentless tsunami of email, phone calls, customer visits, conferences, project meetings, town halls and other "mandatory" appointments that continually fill up your calendar. They all seem really important and urgent at the time, but do you ever take ...

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John DoyleFSS Technologies UK - London

What Makes a Great Relationship Manager?

23 November 2014  |  757 views  |  1  |  Recommends 0

The Summary First, the summary for those that can't be bothered with the detail. A great relationship manager is someone who, Understands their customers business, Knows the customers strategy and where they can add value, Knows the value proposition to the customer of their products and services, Understands their own companies value to the custo...

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Christina BowePerceptive Software - Maidenhead

Five Ways to Turn Bank Branches into Competitive Powerhouses

18 November 2014  |  1640 views  |  0  |  Recommends 0

There’s no shortage of startups in the financial services industry. Whether they’re online-only financial institutions or diversified financial services companies that are using the Web to expand into...

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Asif FaruqueFinextra - London

The romance of private equity: Liquity

11 November 2014  |  1421 views  |  0  |  Recommends 0

“You know what people say to us? They say ‘you’re inventing a new asset class. You’re inventing liquid shares in private companies” Liquity, the London-based startup taking part in the Startupbootcamp...

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Asif FaruqueFinextra - London

Bringing quality back to the web: milliPay

05 November 2014  |  1628 views  |  0  |  Recommends 0

“We hope to change the way content can be consumed – there is quality content on the web and we believe in it. It needs to be financed – and people must be willing to finance it.” Whether you like it ...

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Asif FaruqueFinextra - London

Breaking the cryptocurrency stigma: Epiphyte

28 October 2014  |  3548 views  |  0  |  Recommends 0

"It's a sensitive space, people still associate it with criminality and dubious activities - like the internet in the early days" When Finextra wrote a story about Epiphyte winning the Innot...

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Roman ItskovichEbury - London

Should SMEs be worried about Aldermore’s false start?

24 October 2014  |  2091 views  |  1  |  Recommends 0

Last week’s Aldermore news left some SMEs in doubt of the future for challenger banks. The British banking newcomer cancelled its planned IPO, despite a valuation of £880m, citing a lack of interest a...

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Asif FaruqueFinextra - London

A novel way of splitting the bill: going Dutch

20 October 2014  |  3182 views  |  1  |  Recommends 0

"It's a seamless way to split the bill - as opposed to antiquated ways like sending money, or IOUs" Startups around the world are jumping at an opportunity to simplify the bill-splitting pro...

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Bill GourlayIdea Group - London

Innovation is ...

13 October 2014  |  1386 views  |  0  |  Recommends 0

Over recent weeks I seem to have spent a lot of time in the innovation space, with plenty of talk about being innovative, creative and forward thinking. However, given the very different angles that e...

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Manuj MukherjeeINFOSYS LTD - Bangalore


10 October 2014  |  1231 views  |  0  |  Recommends 0

The credit risk associated over a loan lifecycle can be best arrested at the time of originating the loan itself. So, Invariably there is a need to have a more robust process and an intelligent syste...

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