21 April 2014


Craig RamseyACI Worldwide - Watford

Taking your bank from good to great: First 5 areas of focus

15 April 2014  |  1120 views  |  1  |  Recommends 0

What can take your bank from good to great? That is the question we have been looking to answer for the last 6 weeks, and so far we have delved into five areas of focus. Our Tour de Transaction Banking is halfway to our finish line and this week I wanted to hop off the bike and recap our route, a midpoint highlight reel if you will. Stage 1: Rea...

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Andrew OwensSunGard AvantGard - London

What Bitcoin means for corporate payments

14 April 2014  |  746 views  |  0  |  Recommends 0

There’s barely a day goes by without a story on bitcoin somewhere on the news. Much misunderstood and very much hyped, could this digital currency ever play a role in corporate payments and cash management? For those who have heard of bitcoin but don’t really know what it is, here’s some basics: It was introduced in 2009 It’s a digital cryptoc...

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Jorge YuiBankArchitects - Geneva

Will Facebook become a Bank?

14 April 2014  |  2037 views  |  0  |  Recommends 0

The Financial Times and Twitter are already ravenously commenting the not unexpected move from Facebook into financial services. Indeed, not content with being just the platform to share cat photos an...

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Richard SandersACI Worldwide - Watford

British Banking: Branching Out

11 April 2014  |  1492 views  |  1  |  Recommends 2

The latest BBA (British Bankers’ Association) study has further reinforced some beliefs; firstly, the British public is clearly embracing mobile banking; secondly, there has been an increase in the nu...

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Sean BowenPush Technology - London

Location-Based Marketing Growing in Importance over Mobile

09 April 2014  |  2041 views  |  0  |  Recommends 0

A new article in a mobile commerce magazine says that location based marketing is the most important factor in mobile advertising; with claims that it is “vital” to advertising success on smartphones....

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Craig RamseyACI Worldwide - Watford

Don’t replicate, elevate: winning new customers

08 April 2014  |  985 views  |  1  |  Recommends 0

It's time we looked at innovation and how it can be used to drive new customer propositions. 'Oh no, not that buzzword again,' I hear you all shout. But actually, I want to look at lack of innovation....

Mitch MitchellPegasystems - Boston

Collections, Dead or Just Pining for the Fjords?

08 April 2014  |  622 views  |  1  |  Recommends 0

Yes, it’s a Monty Python reference, and if you have never seen the Pet shop skit please take a moment to watch it now, and give yourself a treat! So the question remains: is the Collections indust...

Jan DeepenSumUp - London

mPOS is the key to mobile payments adoption

03 April 2014  |  2732 views  |  1  |  Recommends 0

The day when people leave their wallets at home and use their phones or tablets for all their financial transactions is on the horizon. What the founders of many FinTech companies are pondering, is ju...

Sean O'DonnellSevOne - London

Money is mobile

03 April 2014  |  1277 views  |  0  |  Recommends 0

The proliferation of mobile banking has soared in the last 12 months. In April 2013 it was highlighted that one in five use their mobile phone to bank. Moreover, The Payments Council predicts that ...

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Andrew OwensSunGard AvantGard - London

POBO - time to leverage the SEPA investment

02 April 2014  |  764 views  |  1  |  Recommends 1

Now that SEPA is in place, corporates will be able to leverage that investment to start making payments across the entire eurozone using a single instrument from as little as one bank / account. The i...

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