01 September 2014

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Balazs FejesEPAM Systems - Meilen

Have banks come to the party too late?

5 hours ago  |  487 views  |  0  |  Recommends 0

Software is increasingly driving competitiveness in financial markets but have banks arrived at the party too late? The increased use of digital channels amongst consumers along with their changing needs and preferences has raised the bar on the levels of service that customers expect from their banks. Coupled with this, the numerous scandals that...

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David MaitlandCouchbase - London

Can NoSQL give financial institutions the edge?

29 August 2014  |  2557 views  |  0  |  Recommends 0

In the ultra high-speed world of financial services, a fraction of a second can be a lifetime. Long gone is the outdated view of banks and other financial institutions as dusty old buildings, filled with grey-headed men scrawling in ledgers. The modern bank is entirely different, and today, the financial services industry operates at such a high ...

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Marcelo DelimaSequent - Mountain View

Host Card Emulation Puts Banks, Merchants on Top of Wallet

27 August 2014  |  1939 views  |  0  |  Recommends 0

Ever since Google announced the availability of Host Card Emulation (HCE) in the last version of Android, the discussion in the world of mobile payments has taken a very interesting turn. Banks tha...

TagsMobile & onlinePayments
Penny HembrowCGI - London

Financial consumer preferences in the digital era

27 August 2014  |  1284 views  |  0  |  Recommends 0

Digital consumerism is having a major impact on banking, and there is a widespread expectation of significant shifts in market share. Moreover, in the retail banking market, we are seeing a high prope...

TagsMobile & onlineRetail banking
Ambreesh KhannaOracle Financial Services - Greater New York City Area

The Next Generation of Analytics

25 August 2014  |  1749 views  |  0  |  Recommends 0

Are Financial Institutions Prepared? Today’s consumers have high expectations − and for good reason. They have become accustomed to, and are increasingly likely to demand, anytime/anywhere connectiv...

TagsMobile & onlineInnovationGroupFuture Finance
Ahmed KhidhirMisys - Dubai

Effects of Banner Blindness on Digital Banking

24 August 2014  |  2328 views  |  0  |  Recommends 3

With the expansion of easily accessible and convenient digital banking services - such as mobile and tablet banking, as well as online banking for personal computer platforms - bank customers are get...

TagsMobile & onlineRetail banking
Ritesh AgarwalOn My Own - Bangalore

No one needs Wallet...then what is the need of people

22 August 2014  |  1930 views  |  0  |  Recommends 0

Question to all bank CEO: Why Ýour' Bank is not encashing on their strengths and why wallets are taking birth like dime-a-dozen. Wallets would survive only in that country where cost of banking trans...

TagsMobile & onlinePaymentsGroupPayments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Ilkka RistimakiBaringa Partners - London

The new battleground for attracting customers

21 August 2014  |  1314 views  |  0  |  Recommends 0

The launch of the Payment Council’s Current Account Switching Service last year failed to bring about any significant shift in the number of customers changing banks. This is because customers still s...

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Marcelo DelimaSequent - Mountain View

Host Card Emulation: A solution for the 90 percent

20 August 2014  |  1466 views  |  0  |  Recommends 0

I was surprised to read the other day that despite all the hype, still only about 1 percent of commerce transactions happen in mobile devices according to eMarketer. Even total e-commerce, around fr...

TagsMobile & onlinePayments
David WebberIntelligent Environments - Kingston

3.2bn pounds of student debt - the next mis-selling scandal?

19 August 2014  |  2728 views  |  1  |  Recommends 0

This autumn, half a million school leavers will make one of the biggest financial commitments of their lives by going to university. However, despite living in an age where they can instantly check th...

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