22 December 2014


enrico camerinelliAite Group - Boston

The Supply Chain Bank

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This is just a placeholder for a topic I will be developing in 2015. A supply chain bank (SCB) is a financial institution that aims to provide financial support to groups of companies that belong to a common supply chain. The risk will be distributed across the group and will be transferred from the "anchor" to all participating trading ...

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Lu ZurawskiACI Worldwide - London

I predict that payment predictions will be wrong

19 December 2014  |  992 views  |  0  |  Recommends 0

Having read many over-ambitious “Next year will be the year of X” statements, I avoid prediction precision myself. The game of replacing “X” with this year’s, nearly-there technology, and caveating the prediction formula with a few extra parameters is fun, but not risk free. As the Danish quantum physicist Nils Bohr said, “Prediction is very di...

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Ian MorrisonLiquid Finance - London

Was 2014 a watershed year for alternative funding in the UK?

18 December 2014  |  1160 views  |  0  |  Recommends 0

The terms ‘challenger bank’ and ‘alternative funding’ were virtually unheard of before 2007. However, in recent years they have started to receive considerable attention, and their importance & in...

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Abhishek ChatterjeeWIPRO Technologies - London

Digital Vendor Simplification - Innovate to win Big

18 December 2014  |  1565 views  |  0  |  Recommends 0

Today's customer expect an uniform and relevant customer experience across channels. nowadays it is common for a customer to traverse through multiple channels to complete a transaction. A typical Ban...

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Iain MontgomeryMarket Gravity - New York

My Favorite Financial Services Precedents for 2015

17 December 2014  |  2702 views  |  0  |  Recommends 0

Over the past year I've been lucky enough to work on some fantastic new financial services propositions in the UK and USA. Some have launched this year and some will launch in the coming months. Durin...

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Todd ThayerSyniverse - Tampa, FL.

A New Revolution in Mobile Engagement for Banks

17 December 2014  |  1815 views  |  0  |  Recommends 0

In nearly every metropolitan area, banks are the largest buildings in the city. The largest industry in nearly every country is banking. Banks know more about consumers than any individual brand. We t...

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Adam HulmeMeetingZone - London

Oiling the wheels for a smooth funding cycle

16 December 2014  |  729 views  |  0  |  Recommends 0

The funding cycle for many private equity firms is set to kick off again in 2015, with all its attendant chaos, tension and high stakes. Firms can expect their investor relations and marketing teams t...

enrico camerinelliAite Group - Boston

Treasury Management Systems Beyond 2015

13 December 2014  |  1908 views  |  0  |  Recommends 0

The treasury management systems (TMS) business is in a constant state of flux – what is top priority today may be outdated tomorrow. Although this change can be very difficult to predict I took the ri...

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Hitesh ThakkarPayments Consulting Network - Mumbai

Stop Loving your bank

12 December 2014  |  1208 views  |  0  |  Recommends 0

Banking services in India has come long way from being BAM (Brick And Mortar) in 80s of ledger based paper transactions to electronic arcades of Core banking, IVR, cards, ATM, Net banking, Cheque and ...

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Paul LoveCompass Plus - Nottingham

Good Old Days of Chip and PIN Vs. The Wild West of FinTech

12 December 2014  |  3116 views  |  0  |  Recommends 1

At the Connecting Payments conference on Wednesday we celebrated 10 years since the successful roll out of Chip & PIN in the UK. This was the largest coordinated shift in consumer payment behaviou...

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