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Roger ElwellYes Please - Colchester

Abolition of Cheques - I Hope the Banks Vote 'No'

23 November 2009  |  5516 views  |  6  |  Recommends 2

If the banks vote to abolish cheques without first working through all the relevant scenarios where they are used today, I think they will be performing a huge disservice to the British public. The fact that there are still 3.8 million cheques used each day means that there will be a lot of inconvenienced people should they switch them off too ea...

TagsCardsRetail banking
George RavichRAVco Marketing, LLC - Wilton

Digging for Gold - Winning in Transaction Banking

16 November 2009  |  7847 views  |  3  |  Recommends 1

At the recent NEACH Payments Insights conference it was interesting to find an audience gripped by two strong emotions – excitement and fear. The excitement was about new opportunities in transaction banking and how the emerging generation of customer will drive change. And the fear? Disintermediation by fierce competition from new market entrants...

TagsPaymentsWholesale banking
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Chris FisherPayX International Limited - Chester

2010 the start of the Debit Card Decade?

12 November 2009  |  5486 views  |  1  |  Recommends 0

With the pain of the Banking induced recession, the ending of the ‘credit on demand' society, the growing animosity of the banking regulators, and the falling from fashion of the credit card, will its...

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Cedric ParienteRacine Alpha - Paris

Some People Can't Resist Chocolate!

07 November 2009  |  4403 views  |  0  |  Recommends 1

Others can't resist gambling, drinking, smoking... There are plenty of vices on earth. But I think gambling is the most vicious. Not necessarily the most dangerous for health, but definitely the most ...

TagsRisk & regulation
Roger ElwellYes Please - Colchester

Bank Restructuring Wrong on so Many Levels

03 November 2009  |  4189 views  |  3  |  Recommends 0

"I believe what we have here is a better deal for the taxpayer," so says Alastair Darling. No it isn't. The best thing for the taxpayer is for these institutions to be nursed back to healt...

TagsCardsRetail banking
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