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Tougher penalties to stop data breaches?

30 November 2009  |  3248 views  |  0  |  Recommends 0

We all know the statistics; the number of identity fraud victims is growing year-on-year and we all need to be responsible when looking after our personal information. But what happened when personal information is lost, leaked or stolen and it is outside our direct control? Who do we look to blame? In the UK, the Information Commissioner’s Offic...

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Agents of Evil

18 November 2009  |  3709 views  |  0  |  Recommends 1

Air Parcel Express is a boutique international shipping company based in Sweden. They offer a wide choice of logistic services such as mail forwarding and global distribution, creatively supporting their customers’ supply chain. They maintain several warehouses worldwide – according to their well designed website (see image below), the latest w...

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Identity Fraud - consumer apathy or lack of education?

17 November 2009  |  3564 views  |  3  |  Recommends 1

The latest monthly statistics show the number of new identity fraud cases reported to CPP stands at its highest level since we started selling the insurance product back in November 2004. In October,...

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Investment Guide 2010

15 November 2009  |  3773 views  |  0  |  Recommends 1

What would you do if you could make millions with a 1 shot investment on 2010? Well, I'm going to tell you what you should do... WAKE UP!!! Investing is not for everyone. There is no free lunch. T...

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The Heist

11 November 2009  |  3213 views  |  0  |  Recommends 0

A stealthy hack into a financial system; clever manipulation of data by exploiting hidden vulnerabilities; an international cash-out operation of gargantuan proportions reminiscent of Al-Qaeda multipl...

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