18 September 2014

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Finally, Sepa migration deadline day arrives

01 August 2014  |  2

After a 15 year slog, the Single euro payments area (Sepa) hits a major milestone today with the full implementation for credit transfers and direct debits in the euro area.

Swift signs more banks to KYC Registry

22 July 2014  |  0

Interbank messaging network Swift has signed up another six major banks to its KYC Registry initiative as it gears up for a launch at the end of this year.

Leaked trade services pact puts financial data on the table

20 June 2014  |  1

Countries could be left helpless to prevent sensitive financial data from leaving their borders under provisions of an annex to the Trade in Services Agreement (Tisa) leaked by WikiLeaks.

KYC Exchange builds banking momentum

20 June 2014  |  2

Swiss-based due diligence utility KYC Exchange has signed service contracts with Commerzbank, Société Générale and Standard Chartered for the regular exchange of Know Your Customer data between the banks and their clients.

Swift to move into compliance space with KYC Registry

07 January 2014  |  2

Financial messaging network Swift has announced the creation of a global Know Your Customer (KYC) Registry to help banks to manage compliance challenges and reduce the high costs associated with implementing anti-money laundering regulations.

EU to maintain bank data sharing deal with US government following assurances

27 November 2013  |  0

The European Union says it has received written assurances from the US government that NSA spies did not tap into financial messaging data transmitted over the interbank Swift network.

David Watson, Deutsche Bank

Finextra Leadership: Life in the fast lane

01 August 2014  |  1

Finextra talks to David Watson, global head of client access products for Deutsche Bank's global transaction banking business, about how the giant German bank is remodelling its technology platform to address the needs of a younger generation of digitally-savvy corporate treasury managers.

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