14 February 2016

News from Sibos 2015


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Swift challenges UK universities to unblock remittance flows

27 January 2016  |  0

Bank-to-bank payment network Swift is to tap the brainpower of UK university students in an effort to find new ways for banks to more cost-effectively serve the global remittance market.

Swift bids to save correspondent banks from extinction

10 December 2015  |  5

With the role of the middle man in financial services increasingly under threat from a host of new startups and technologies, international banking co-operative Swift has stepped in with a range of service level agreements intended to differentiate and improve the customer experience in correspondent banking by increasing the speed, transparency and predictability of cross-border payments.

Innotribe pivots to explore internal opportunities for innovation at Swift

07 December 2015  |  0

Innotribe, the innovation arm of financial messaging co-operative Swift, is to narrow its startup focus to emerging economies and instead operate as a force for driving collaboration around new utility-based services for member banks.

France calls for Swift payments data access in fight against terrorism

24 November 2015  |  1

In the wake of the Paris attacks, France's finance minister, Michel Sapin, says that European authorities need better access to Swift data in the fight against terrorism.

Barclays signs deals with blockchain startups; Hyperledger wins Innotribe contest

14 October 2015  |  1

Barclays Bank has reportedly signed contracts with two blockchain technology startups who participated in the bank's New York accelerator programme, further underscoring its interest in the emerging technology.

ECB posits combination of Target2 and T2S on single platform

14 October 2015  |  1

The European Central Bank is contemplating a merger of the Target2 real-time gross payment system with the T2S securities settlement mechanism, providing a single platform for the processing of cash and securities across the Eurosystem.

Swift logo

Iranian banks get green light to reconnect to Swift

18 January 2016  |  1

Four years after taking the unprecedented step of barring Iranian banks from the Swift network, the Belgian-based co-operative is preparing to welcome the country's banks back into the fold following verification of a political agreement reached with Western powers over Iran's nuclear ambitions.

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