28 November 2015

News from Sibos 2015



ECB posits combination of Target2 and T2S on single platform

14 October 2015  |  1

The European Central Bank is contemplating a merger of the Target2 real-time gross payment system with the T2S securities settlement mechanism, providing a single platform for the processing of cash and securities across the Eurosystem.

The view from Sibos: Banks in danger of letting digital identity opportunity pass them by

13 October 2015  |  12

As the haze descended on Singapore, banking delegates at the international Sibos conference were peering into the potential of digital identity as a source of new revenues.

Moven scores $12 million funding round

13 October 2015  |  0

Digital-only neobank Moven has raised $12 million in a Series B financing round led by Route 66 Ventures.

Emerging markets banks and P2P lenders urged to form marriages of convenience

13 October 2015  |  1

Banks in emerging markets should enter into marriages of conveniences with peer-to-peer lenders, helping their putative rivals navigate tough credit and regulatory environments in exchange for help in winning new clients, according to the group chief innovation officer of Standard Chartered Bank.

From Unicorns to dragons, meet the new face of banking disruption

12 October 2015  |  0

The seeds of disruption in the banking industry will not be sown by US and European Unicorns or emerging technologies like the blockchain, but from the power of Chinese dragons in the shape of Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu, according to a new report prepared for Innotribe, the innovation arm of financial messaging network Swift.

Stet to build instant payment platform for European PSPs

12 October 2015  |  0

French clearing and settlement agency Stet is to develop an instant payment platform for European Payment Service Providers (PSP).

Sibos panel

Trade finance first to be disrupted by Internet of Things say bank CIOs

13 October 2015  |  0

In a rare session for Sibos 2015, having almost no mention of blockchain, leading technologists from three of the world’s largest banks shared their views on the transformative effect of digital technologies on the business of banking.

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