28 April 2015

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MasterCard unveils tool to tackle cyber threat

02 October 2014  |  0

With the huge data breaches at Target and Home Depot fresh in the memory, MasterCard has launched a tool designed to protect against cyber attacks on banks and processors.

Deutsche Bank speeds Swift standards uptake on Autobahn

01 October 2014  |  0

Swift's MyStandards tool is to be made available via Deutsche Bank's Autobahn Apps Market.

BofA Merrill Lynch lets firms use mobile numbers to pay customers

30 September 2014  |  1

Bank of America Merrill Lynch is tapping the technology behind its P2P payments service to launch a system that lets companies send money directly to customers' accounts using their mobile number or email address.

Payments industry challenged by soaring growth in non-cash transactions

30 September 2014  |  0

Non-cash payments volumes are expected to increase by nearly 10% percent to reach 366 billion transactions in 2013, fueled by strong growth in developing markets and mobile payments, according to the 10th annual World Payments Report from Capgemini and Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).

Deutsche Bundesbank and EBA Clearing team on XML-based card clearing service

30 September 2014  |  0

Germany's central bank is working with EBA Clearing to build a new XML-based infrastructure for clearing debit card transactions for the country's financial institutions.

Swift offers one year free access to KYC Registry

29 September 2014  |  0

Swift will give free access to its new KYC Registry throughout 2015 to banks that contribute their own data to the service.

Sibos 2014

Crypto-currency outfit Epiphyte triumphs at Innotribe Startup Challenge

02 October 2014  |  8

US-based crypto-currency startup Epiphyte has emerged as the winner of the Innotribe Startup Challenge at Sibos in Boston.

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