28 April 2015


Fintech investment trends

23 February 2015  |  Source: Silicon Valley Bank  |  0

Silicon Valley Bank rounds up data on global and UK fintech investment trends.

Backing bitcoin

07 January 2015  |  Source: Wedbush Securities  |  0

2014 may have been an annus horribilus for bitcoin enthusiasts, but the technology is set to make big strides into the enterprise, say analysts at Wedbush Securities.

Identity brokers

05 September 2014  |  Source: Lloyds Banking Group/OIX  |  0

Could banks operate as trusted brokers for identity exchange between the public and government services?

Landscaping UK fintech

06 August 2014  |  Source: UK Trade and Investment  |  0

UK Trade and Investments maps out the opportunities and strengths of the UK's fintech sector.

London: Fintech capital

02 July 2014  |  Source: South Mountain Economics  |  0

South Mountain Economics benchmarks London's performance against other digital cities such as New York and San Francisco.

Future banking

25 June 2014  |  Source: Bain  |  0

Analysts from Bain & Company explain how banks can use digital technology to reinvigorate their businesses.

More mobile, less cash

03 June 2014  |  Source: ING  |  0

ING explores the shopping, lifestyle and saving habits of Europe's mobile bankers.

The boom in global fintech investment

02 May 2014  |  Source: Accenture  |  0

The UK and Ireland has emerged as the world's fastest growing region for financial technology investment over the last five years as London establishes itself as the fintech capital of Europe.

The future of cash? It's all in the data

04 April 2014  |  Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond  |  0

This paper from the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond uses transaction-level data from a large discount chain together with zip-code-level explanatory variables to learn about consumer payment choices across size of transaction, location, and time.

Online account takeover

31 March 2014  |  Source: ACI Worldwide  |  0

ACI Worldwide presents the results of a survey into commercial account fraud among North American and global banks.

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