21 April 2015

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Navigating the new normal

29 August 2012  |  Source: Boston Consulting Group  |  0

Becoming more customer-centric - while improving operational excellence - is critical to success in retail banking today, says the Boston Consulting Group.

Show me the money

19 April 2012  |  Source: Fumiko Hayashi, Kansas City Fed  |  0

Fumiko Hayashi, a senior economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, examines the likely triggers for consumer adoption of mobile payments.

Recalibrating for central clearing

27 March 2012  |  Source: Bank of England  |  0

A Bank of England paper exploring the likely impact of central clearing on OTC derivatives markets.

Acceleration in payments innovation

28 July 2011  |  Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago  |  0

At the Chicago Fed's 2011 Payments Conference, participants discussed how changes in consumers' behavior in the wake of the financial crisis and recession can translate into opportunities and challenges for both traditional and nascent payment providers.

The cloud debate

03 June 2011  |  Source: Cognizant  |  0

Transcripts of a London meeting debating the merits of cloud computing in the financial services industry.

Data miners

21 April 2011  |  Source: Sapient Global Markets  |  0

Crossings, Sapient's quarterly journal of trading and risk management addresses the ever-increasing regulatory and risk demands for data.

Eleven market structure trends to watch for in 2011

06 January 2011  |  Source: Instinet  |  0

Alison Crosthwait, director, global trading research, Instinet, predicts the most important trading market structure trends in 2011.

Clouds on the horizon

08 December 2010  |  Source: Accenture  |  1

What does the future of cloud computing for banking look like - both in the near and long terms?

Full reserve banking

26 November 2010  |  Source: University of Southampton  |  0

The UK's Independent Banking Commission has been urged to separate transactional payments from the lending business of banks, under a 'full-reserve' banking model proposed by the University of Southampton in association with the New Economic Foundation and lobby group Positive Money.

Nyse Euronext now runs all its European matching from its Basildon data centre

09 November 2010  |  Source: Finextra  |  0

Ian Jack, business development director, European connectivity at Nyse Euronext talks about co-location past, present and future at this year's High Frequency Trading World Europe event.

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