02 September 2014

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SIX posts H1 operating income rise

20 August 2014  |  2974 views  |  0 Company announcement

SIX increases its results in the first half of 2014 thanks to significant operational progress.


SIX Payment Services launches mobile terminal

02 July 2014  |  1035 views  |  0 Company announcement

Today sees the launch of the yoximo mobile payment terminal, which represents a technological advancement for SIX in the field of mobile terminals for cashless payments.


SIX launches Swiss trade repository

05 June 2014  |  1057 views  |  0 Company announcement

SIX is to establish a central trade repository for derivative transactions in cooperation with Swiss banks.


SIX makes board changes; names Robert Jeanbart CEO, financial information unit

19 May 2014  |  1461 views  |  0 Company announcement

The General Meeting of SIX Shareholders elected Dr Patrik Gisel, Lorenz von Habsburg Lothringen and Søren Mose to the Board of Directors. They replaced Christoph Gabriel, Dr Pierin Vincenz and Eduardo Leemann, who did not stand for re-election.


SNB to use SIX platform to execute monetary policy transactions

06 May 2014  |  657 views  |  0 Company announcement

Since 2 May 2014 SIX operates the new Swiss money market trading platform. The Swiss National Bank (SNB) uses the SIX trading platform to execute all monetary policy transactions and to auction Confederation bonds and registered money market claims.


SIX partners with Mexican data provider Infosel

06 May 2014  |  452 views  |  0 Company announcement

SIX Financial Information today announced that it has entered into partnership with Infosel, Mexico´s premier and leading data provider as it expands global market data coverage to Mexico's Asset Management, Pension Fund and Brokerage community.


SIX Financial Information integrates MDFselect with Bloomberg Platform

14 April 2014  |  773 views  |  0 Company announcement

SIX Financial Information has integrated its real-time data feed, MDFselect, with Bloomberg's managed market data distribution service, called Bloomberg Platform. When used for added resiliency, MDFselect ensures continuity and reliability of market data for dependent trading and risk management applications.


SIX Payment Services and MasterCard team on MasterPass wallet in Switzerland

04 April 2014  |  4686 views  |  0 Company announcement

SIX Payment Services and MasterCard will jointly provide the wallet payment platform MasterPass for card issuing banks.


SIX takes full control of Cetrel

01 April 2014  |  678 views  |  0 Company announcement

SIX has increased its stake in the Luxembourg financial services provider CETREL S.A. from 50% to 100% as of 31 March 2014, thus further strengthening its position as a leading provider of financial services in Europe.


SIX bullish on growth prospects

25 March 2014  |  781 views  |  0 Company announcement

Operating income up 8.9% in the 2013 financial year to CHF 1,582.7 SIX million. All business areas contributed to this growth, particularly international transactions in the Payment Services business area.

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