01 March 2015

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Federal payments portal opens up to digital wallets from PayPal and Dwolla

19 February 2015  |  5933 views  |  0 News

Pay.gov, the US Government's Web portal for collecting payments for federal agencies, has opened up to digital wallets from PayPal and Dwolla, as part of an ongoing effort to move away from paper-based processes to more efficient and secure electronic transactions.


Toronto opens fintech cluster

18 February 2015  |  8274 views  |  0 News

Toronto is the latest city hoping to become a major fintech hub, opening a dedicated cluster designed to help connect established technology and banking leaders with startups.


Shell and PayPal let Brits pay by mobile at the pump

10 February 2015  |  2568 views  |  5 Company announcement

Paying at the pump is moving across the pond! Soon, Shell customers in the UK will have a wallet- free way to pay for gas through the Shell Motorist App or the PayPal App (available for Android or iOS NB: also Windows Phone through PayPal app) - bringing customers a more secure and fast way to pay using their mobile device.


PayPal's offline chief quits

04 February 2015  |  4857 views  |  0 News

The man behind PayPal's move into the bricks and mortar world, Don Kingsborough, has quit the firm, admitting it has come up short in its efforts to move beyond online payments.


PayPal cuts off Crimea; MasterCard opens up to Cuba

23 January 2015  |  10279 views  |  0 News

PayPal is cutting off services to customers in Crimea in response to western sanctions related to Russia's annexation of the region last year.


Google in talks to buy Softcard

19 January 2015  |  7087 views  |  1 News

Google is in talks to buy US telco-owned mobile payments venture Softcard for between $50 million and $100 million, according to press reports.


PayPal Here reader compatible with Microsoft Surface; EMV support incoming

14 January 2015  |  1983 views  |  0 Company announcement

In the three years since its launch, PayPal Here has become one of the easiest ways for millions of small businesses to get paid - wherever they do business.


PayPal mobile app adds support for BlackBerry OS

08 January 2015  |  1556 views  |  0 Company announcement

For many of us, choosing the mobile device that works best is not black or white. There are specific things we need our smartphones to do for us - it could be based on our location, our daily job responsibilities or certain functionality that will make our lives easier.


Braintree brings One Touch mobile payments to international markets

03 December 2014  |  4794 views  |  1 News

Braintree is rolling out its One Touch mobile payments platform with PayPal to international markets.


PayPal launches Pebble smartwatch app

19 November 2014  |  6193 views  |  0 News

PayPal has built an app for the Pebble smartwatch that lets users check in and pay at retailers on the go.

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